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Climate week at lunch

At the Austrian caterer Gourmet Business, a dedicated team is working on becoming increasingly climate-friendly - in close cooperation with WWF Austria.
Gourmet Business
At the Austrian caterer Gourmet Business, a dedicated team is working on becoming increasingly climate-friendly - in close cooperation with WWF Austria.

Setting a sign for climate protection during lunch break. Caterer Gourmet Business in Austria put climate protection at the top of their agenda with the "Enjoy Sustainability Weeks". Each climate-friendly dish sold carries 15 cents to an Alpine wilderness project of WWF Austria.

„Wir wissen, dass es vielen unserer Gäste ebenso wichtig ist wie uns, die Natur und wertvolle Ressourcen für die nächsten Generationen zu bewahren.“
Claudia Horacek, Geschäftsfeldleiterin, Gourmet Business Catering Menü-Service

The campaign was launched on October 5. Guests in 2,500 companies with Gourmet Business's flexible à la carte system can accept the offer. Those who consciously choose climate-friendly dishes made from seasonal and regional organic ingredients with less or no meat are doing themselves and the environment something good, says Gourmet Business explaining the campaign.

Besides the climate-friendly ingredients, the system is also desigend to help avoid foodwaste, argues Claudia Horacek. The portion sizes can be ordered variously and are delivered deep-frozen in recyclable gourmet paper trays. The business unit manager at Business Catering Menü-Service also provides their lunchtime guests with comprehensive information on the subject during the Climate Weeks. "We want to make our guests aware that everyone can make a contribution to climate protection," she emphasises.

In partnership with the WWF

"What we choose to eat and the ingredients used have great influence on our climate and environment. We are pleased that our partner Gourmet Business is working with us to promote a climate-friendly way of nutrition and to convince their guests of how palatable this can be," emphasizes WWF expert for sustainable nutrition Hannah-Heidi Schindler.

Two thirds of all food used at Gourmet Business is Austrian, the caterer informs. This not only comprises vegetables, fruit and dairy products, but also free-range eggs and all meat from chicken, beef, pork, veal and game. As often as possible, the company uses ingredient from organic production. With specially established environment teams, the company wants to reinforce their reduction of its ecological footprint in union with their daily guests.
Gourmet Business claims to be the market leader in Austria's mass catering sector and supplies companies as well as homes, hospitals, schools and people at home with ready-made frozen meals à la carte. It also supplies the food retail trade and can take over an emergency supply in a crisis.
According to Gourmet, food is mainly sourced in Austria - with a focus on seasonality. Many products are purchased in organic quality.
Gourmet operates company restaurants throughout Austria, cafés and restaurants in Vienna and the canteen kitchens in St. Pölten and Vienna. The company also owns the subsidiary SF Franken Catering with a kitchen in Nuremberg. Gourmet is a subsidiary of Vivatis Holding AG. With almost 2,700 employees and an annual turnover of 882 million euros, Vivatis Holding AG is one of the largest purely Austrian companies in the food and luxury food sector.