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Coaching against food waste

With four trained foodwaste coaches, Gourmet Business wants to tackle food waste in company restaurants.
With four trained foodwaste coaches, Gourmet Business wants to tackle food waste in company restaurants.

In the fight against food waste, also in terms of climate protection, the Austrian company caterer Gourmet Business has had four employees trained as food waste coaches. They train and support the kitchen teams on site.

The trained waste experts are to raise awareness in the company catering teams for the careful handling of food. This should make the Gourmet company restaurants even more climate-friendly and efficient.

In the future they are going to work together with the companies to raise guests' awareness of the issue of waste avoidance. "The careful handling of food is a win-win for all sides - for the guests, the companies and the environment. With the help of our waste coaches, we as a culinary partner can support our customers even better in further reducing food waste and thus improve the climate balance in the canteens," Richard Fischer, Business Unit Manager of Gourmet Company Catering, comments on the initiative.

Joint commitment against foodwaste

The tools against foodwaste include precise waste monitoring and analysis of the kitchen location as well as regular exchange of experiences. In this way, individual opportunities for improvement are to be identified together with the customers.

According to Gourmet Business, in some company restaurants it is worthwhile, for example, to arrange smaller portion sizes on the plates and offer a free second helping. In other establishments, it is particularly well received to select individual menu items , such as only the plate of the day or only soup.

If guests also take advantage of the option to order in advance, the kitchen team can plan even more carefully and cook in precise portions. Close coordination with the companies is important here. Joint information campaigns could also make a big difference and sensitize guests to the issue. In this way, guests will also understand if a dish is no longer available shortly before the kitchen closes.

Partner "United Against Waste"

As a partner of the initiative "United Against Waste", Gourmet has long been committed to the topic of food waste prevention in community catering. Be it through precise planning, recipe-specific cooking with individual portion sizes, the monitoring of food waste or through appropriate further training of employees. The Foodwaste Coach training is organised by United Against Waste for members.