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Not to remain in shock - this decision tipped the scales for the two Munich entrepreneurs Claudia Trott and Gunilla Hirschberger to launch a communication campaign.
Gunilla Hirschberger
Not to remain in shock - this decision tipped the scales for the two Munich entrepreneurs Claudia Trott and Gunilla Hirschberger to launch a communication campaign.

Together with Claudia Trott (Schlosscafé im Palmenhaus), Munich-based restaurateur Gunilla Hirschberger quickly came up with a communication strategy after the announcement of the second gastro-shutdown. Via social media, restaurateurs can stay in touch with their guests - every week there is a new topic for this.

The campaign of the two Munich and Dehoga representatives in Lockdown Week 1 was launched under the motto: We have to close down. Although we are bringing light into the darkness. In order to underline their importance as social warmth providers, the restaurateurs were asked to light up their windows and decorate them with a poster designed by Hirschberger and Trott. The guests then find the following appeal: Post a photo of yourself in front of your favorite restaurant, hotel, etc. and publish it in your social media channels with the following hashtags: #joie de vivre #we are sure of ourselves #only with you #zsammhoitn #sammhoitn #wirsindmuenchen #stay true to us

#We are joy of life

From 9 November - Safety First! We are safe
In the second week, the safety concepts of the restaurateurs will be in focus: Measures will be documented by video and photos and shared in the social media.
From 16 November - We love Munich.
Call of the week: Share your three favourite tips for Munich with the community!
From 23 November - We are special
In the fourth week, the spotlight will be on the special features of our own establishment. What makes the company unique?
From 30 November - We are. People in Munich.
Before the lockdown hopefully comes to an end, the motto is: Imagine - who you are on your social media channels!

"The idea for the communication campaign is based on our firm decision not to go into shock in this second lockdown," explains Gunilla Hirschberger, chairwoman of the board of the Frauennetzwerk Foodservice and multiple gastronomy founder (Sausalitos, Hans im Glück, etc.). "Because this time it is hitting us even harder than in spring. Munich is as good as extinct." After the first ordered closure in March, all companies were busy setting up hygiene programs and training employees. "But now there is only a big void in many of them - also because it is feared that many companies will not survive this second closure.

Many positive reactions

"In this situation we want to encourage each other", says Gunilla Hirschberger. Her poster templates were sent to the Dehoga members of the Bavarian capital. The Dehoga Bundesverband also welcomes the initiative of the Munich gastronomes and wants to make the materials available on the association's website soon. Hirschberger is satisfied with the first week: "We have received a lot of positive reactions, especially the hashtags are very well received. Everyone can use the ideas for themselves as they wish.

Gunilla Hirschberger and her husband Thomas are also fighting for compensation for the corona-related economic damage to their company AML Invest, to which the Little London and Isarflair Event GmbH in Munich belong, by taking legal action. They are suing their insurance company both for compensation for the loss of sales in the spring and the impending losses in the current month. A court hearing is scheduled for January.