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Successful start for planted.bistro

The first all-vegetable restaurant from the Hiltl family launched in June in the Valley Kemptthal, known as the former Maggi site.
The first all-vegetable restaurant from the Hiltl family launched in June in the Valley Kemptthal, known as the former Maggi site.

As the first purely plant-based Hiltl restaurant, planted.bistro by Hiltl opened its doors at the end of June 2021 in the glass production facility of the Swiss start-up Planted in The Valley in Kemptthal. Three months later, the company draws a first positive balance.

Hiltl, the world's oldest vegetarian restaurant according to Guinness World Records, has teamed up with Swiss start-up Planted for the "purely plant-based" project. As with all Hiltl restaurants, a buffet is the centerpiece of the newestrestaurant in the long-established family-owned business. Unlike at the other locations, however, they are going one step further in Kempthal - from vegetarian to vegan.

"The planted.bistro by Hiltl is Hiltl's first purely plant-based restaurant," explains Patrick Becker, Head of Marketing & Communications at Hiltl. "Since we currently have over 70 percent purely plant-based dishes at our buffets, we were already very well prepared here, but when it came to additional offerings such as croissants or coffee cream, we had to expand our range even further. We were able to implement this at our other Hiltl restaurants as well and thus inspire even more vegans there as well."

Switzerland | Hiltl: planted.bistro for the valley

The location in the Valley Kemptthal between Zurich and Winterthur is mainly aimed at employees from the surrounding companies, residents from the community of Lindau, but also event visitors from car shows or concerts. "We got off to a good start and have already welcomed many guests from The Valley," Becker said. "Guests from the surrounding area and even from Winterthur have also found their way to us. In addition, there have already been various larger events such as a lecture by Campino, a Guinness World Record by Planted with the longest schnitzel in the world or even a supra-regional classic car meeting. The Valley has a lot of potential, especially for events. But we notice that not all companies have moved in yet and that home office is still a hot topic."
About Planted
Swiss ETH spin-off Planted, founded in 2019 by Pascal Bieri, Lukas Böni, Christoph Jenny and Eric Stirnemann, aims to start a revolution with its meat made from plants: "With an unprecedented similarity to conventional meat in terms of taste and texture." Planted is committed to using only 100% natural ingredients and no additives. The Planted product ranges, each made from different protein sources (peas, oats, sunflower), include: planted.™ chicken, planted.™ pulled and planted.™ kebab and planted.™ cutlets.

As well as the regular catering operation, which runs Monday to Friday, Kemptthal also hosts events such as cookery courses and tours of the Planted production facility. "You can also book special packages with an indulgent Hiltl Apero - for example, three homemade planted. appetizers and a drink," explains Patrick Becker. "This has great potential and we are working closely with Planted to steadily expand the offer together.

Transparency is an important concern of the project. Meat production in particular, he says, has become increasingly abstract and opaque for end consumers in recent decades. As a counter design, Planted gives all interested parties a view of their own work in the glass production facility. Over dinner, guests can witness how Planted makes its plant-based meats. "We are proud to show that we work transparently and cleanly" says co-founder Christoph Jenny, continuing "to combine this with culinary pleasure from Hiltl delights us."

About Hiltl
Founded in 1898, Hiltl is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, according to Guinness World Records. Today, the original Zurich company with around 250 employees from over 80 nations is managed in the fourth generation by Rolf Hiltl as owner and coach: with healthy enjoyment, gastronomic passion and in responsibility towards people, animals and nature. In the main building on Sihlstrasse in the à la carte restaurant with buffet, bistro, take-away, seminar rooms, the Hiltl Vegimetzg with the first vegetarian butchery in Switzerland as well as the Hiltl Academy, the competence centre for vegetarian and vegan enjoyment, as well as outside of Haus Hiltl: In the Pflanzbar at Blumen Krämer near Paradeplatz, the roof terrace at PKZ Women on Bahnhofstrasse, in the Sihlpost at Europaplatz near the main station, on Zurich's Langstrasse, in the planted.bistro by Hiltl in Kemptthal and in summer in two Badi restaurants on Lake Zurich. The vegetarian and vegan dishes freshly prepared in the in-house kitchen can also be enjoyed at caterings and various events. Since 2009, SWISS passengers have also been able to enjoy Hiltl vegetarian dishes and Hiltl Special Meals high above the clouds.