Hotel design

Moxy Lisbon: Casual design for millenials

The reception area serves as a space for guests to relax and enjoy drinks.
Tiago Casanova
The reception area serves as a space for guests to relax and enjoy drinks.

Casual elegance awaits guests at the Moxy Hotel Portugal. The architectural firm Broadway Malyan is responsible for the conception and construction of the city hotel. The creative team designed the architecture, interior design and outdoor facilities of the first Moxy in Portugal.

Even at first glance, the Moxy Hotel in Lisbon promises casual elegance. The hotel's base level, for example, is clad with a façade of slender columns that conceal both the lobby and the parking garage. At the same time, the construction constantly creates new lighting effects as the position of the sun changes. True to the brand philosophy, the focus of the innovative design of the Moxy Hotel was the perfect guest experience. Particular attention was paid to the lobby, which is intended to form the heart of the hotel. The U-shaped reception counter, which also serves as a bar, offers standing and sitting areas at different heights. They are made of tiles with modern geometric patterns - a successful reinterpretation of traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles.

The reception area, with its smooth long countertop, acts as a haven of calm amidst the various shapes and colours. Guests not only pick up their room keys here, but can also relax after their arrival with a drink in the sofas or hanging armchairs around the fireplace.

In the hotel rooms, on the other hand, noble understatement is the order of the day. The designers combined calming shades of grey with wooden elements - for example in the shelves under the television, the beds and bedside tables. All contract textiles such as curtains, bed headboards and carpets are also in modern shades of grey to match.