Interview | David Baumgartner (Dean & David)

"People are returning to the offices"

David Baumgartner, founder and CEO of Dean & David.
Dean & David
David Baumgartner, founder and CEO of Dean & David.

At the beginning of May, Amrest founder Henry McGovern joined the fresh casual company Dean & David. Founder and CEO David Baumgartner talks to FOOD SERVICE about the joint plans and the future of the brand.

What changes does the entry of Henry McGovern bring for Dean & David?
Clearly, the pace of expansion. We want to double the number of our stores in the next three to four years - from the current 150 to 300. We wouldn't have dared to do that without Henry McGovern. He brings enormous know-how to the table. Of course, his entry also puts us in a stronger financial position. We also want to put more pressure on new business areas such as business, vending and retail. We will also be hiring heavily, especially internationally experienced employees.

Which countries are the focus?
Over the next 24 months, we will be concentrating primarily on the DACH region, Luxembourg and France. The international business is to be built up sustainably. We first have to build up the structures for internationalisation.

Will master licenses be granted for expansion?
France will be the first country we strategically tackle first. We have a master franchisee for the Lyon area. The first Dean & David will be launched there in September.

How has Dean & David come through the Corona crisis so far?
Overall, we got off lightly, had virtually no store closures and were able to keep about 90 percent of our locations open consistently. We started Delivery ten years ago and launched our own app just before the Corona crisis, which we had been working on for around a year. The app has already been voted the best app in the restaurant sector by a tech forum. We are also working with Lieferando and Wolt and launching Uber Eats in Berlin.

Recently started cooperation with Lufthansa. What comes next?
In the fall, we are taking over the gastronomy in a Munich hotel and have various inquiries from large offices for catering their employees.

How is the increased home office impacting Dean & David?
We are already noticing at our office locations that there are fewer employees on site, but we can use these locations well for the delivery business. We firmly believe that people will return to the offices.

Allresto, München: Dean & David am Heimat-Flughafen

Will the Corona crisis affect future location policy?
No. We are positive about the future and believe in the comeback of airports, train stations and offices.

What is changing in the Dean & David offering?
2021 we will present a new category on our map. Nothing is being revealed yet. In addition, vegan and vegetarian options are becoming increasingly important. We will also be banning an animal protein from our dishes. Here we will also not reveal anything yet.

About Dean & David
Dean & David was founded in 2007 by David Baumgartner in Munich. The menu includes salads, hot Asian curries, bowls with quinoa and superfoods, grilled sandwiches and wraps, and freshly squeezed smoothies. Overall, Dean & David could generate about 75 million euros in Corona's 2020 year - up from about 95 million euros in the pre-crisis year of 2019. The system currently has about 150 locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.