Lieferando Report 2021

This is how Germany orders

Pizza and burgers remain delivery bestsellers.
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Pizza and burgers remain delivery bestsellers.

Food for delivery is booming - and not just because of Corona. But which dishes are the most popular in Germany? What are the regional differences? Insights and record-breaking curiosities are provided by the just published, representative Lieferando Report 2021 of the Just Eat subsidiary and market-leading German delivery platform Lieferando.

The report is based on a broad database: Anonymized, the portal evaluated orders from 14 million customers at more than 30,000 restaurants in 2,000 German cities from October 2020 to October 2021. Among other things, this resulted in rankings of the most popular cuisines, insights into the ordering behavior of consumers and a price comparison of the delivery classics burger and pizza.

Italian cuisine still number 1, top climber veggie

In terms of preferred cuisines, the classics are in the lead in absolute terms:
  • Italian - Top 3 dishes: Pizza Salami, Pizza Margherita, Pizza Mista
  • American - Top 3 dishes: Cheese Burger, Beef Burger, Chicken Nuggets
  • Japanese - Top 3 dishes: Poké Bowl, Inside Out Roll Sake Avocado, Yana Sushi Roll
Chinese cuisine with Fried Noodles with Chicken, Fried Rice, Crispy Duck with Peanut Sauce and Turkish cuisine/Kebap with Doner Kebab Plate, Dürüm Doner Kebab , Jumbo Doner Kebab follow in fourth and fifth place.

It gets interesting with the up-and-comers, i.e. those cuisines with the strongest relative growth . Here, North African cuisine is becoming increasingly popular. Compared to the previous year, the number of orders rose by 27 percent. But in second place (+21%) in the trend analysis, German cuis ine is also one of the rising stars. Close behind: Portuguese cuisine (+20%), Vietnamese (+20%), and American/Burger (+19%).

Lieferando explains the rise of North African cuisine with the trend towards more plant-based diets: orders for vegetarian and vegan dishes increased by 75 percent

Price comparison of the delivery classics

In its report, Lieferando compared the average prices of two delivery classics by state: pizza margherita and burgers. With an average price of 13.71 euros, the most expensive burger can be ordered in North Rhine-Westphalia. Things look cheaper in the eastern federal states. However, the cheapest burger on average is available in Saarland for 5.53 euros. The nationwide average price is 6.86euros.

For pizza, Rhineland-Palatinate is perfect for saving money. Here the Pizza Margherita costs 6,72 euro. The most expensive is the popular pizza in Bavaria with 9.82 euros. In contrast to the burger, you can get a Pizza Margherita second cheapest in North Rhine-Westphalia for an average of 7.75 euros. The national average is 8.40 euros.

Germany orders in the evening

What unites more than half of all orderers (51%) is the most popular time between 6 and 9 pm. Particularly on public holidays, many people in Germany seem to fully enjoy their day off work, leave the wooden spoon behind and prefer to order something. Regarding the age structure: almost every second user (46%) is between 35 and 55 years old, i.e. Generation X and Y users. Gen Z makes up only 39 percent.

Among many other findings, the Lieferando Report 2021 picks up on some extraordinary facts. For example, 1,290 orders were received from just one person last year. That's an average of more than 3.5 orders per day. Another record: In April 2021, Lieferando reached the highest order with 1,394 euros.