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L'Osteria dishes now also in supermarkets

L'Osteria is bringing eight dishes to the refrigerated shelves of food retailers.
L'Osteria is bringing eight dishes to the refrigerated shelves of food retailers.

After L'Osteria launched its own delivery service a year ago, the next milestone in the company's history now follows: Selected ready meals from the brand can now be purchased in selected EDEKA stores and all Käfer delicatessen stores in Munich and the surrounding area.

If the test runs successfully, the roll-out to the whole of Germany is to follow. As is already the case with the Gorillas delivery service, which has been delivering L'Osteria premium ready meals to people's doorsteps in just a few minutes since the end of May.

The three-month test phase has started in stores in Munich, Garching, Dachau, Pfarrkirchen, Parsdorf and Brunnthal. The range includes well-known pasta varieties, from "Spaghetti Chitarra Carbonara" to "Tortelloni Prosciutto e Panna" and "Gnocchi Gamberetti", which are familiar from L'Osteria restaurants. The entry prices are around seven euros.

Six months development time

Stefan Höllen, Vice President at FR L'Osteria SE and responsible for the Private Brands division, says: "The last six months have been a great adventure for us - we have ventured into completely new territory, developing the dishes, planning the design and tasting the dishes. We are very pleased to be able to enter the test phase with EDEKA and Käfer and are excited to see what the feedback from customers is like. We are also currently in talks with other large retail chains. The fact that we can also start directly with 'Gorillas' as a delivery service and thus ensure that our ready meals are delivered to pasta lovers' doorsteps in just a few minutes in many major cities is a great opportunity for us."

L'Osteria premium ready meals are basically designed for the microwave. They feature a special valve in the packaging lid that replaces a previous piercing and opens all by itself in the microwave. The valve produces a whistling sound, signaling that the dish will be warm and ready to eat in about 20-30 seconds. Alternatively, all dishes can also be prepared in a frying pan or in a bain-marie - in this case, however, the preparation time is somewhat longer. Precise preparation instructions can be found on the packaging.


"With the launch of our L'Osteria premium ready meals in the food retail trade, we have taken another important step in our brand development and set a milestone in our company history. The dishes are ideal for those who are not located in a L'Osteria delivery area and can thus still get their L'Osteria experience at home, but also for those who enjoy a quick and delicious lunch at the office or home office," explains Mirko Silz, CEO of FR L'Osteria SE.

All eight pasta ready meals from L'Osteria at a glance, although the availability of the individual dishes may vary depending on the retail partner and the respective market:

- Spaghetti Chitarra Pesto Genovese
- Spaghetti Chitarra Carbonara
- Spaghetti Chitarra Ragu
- Maccheroni Verde Emiliana
- Strozzapretti Granchi di Fiume
- Mezzalune Spinaci
- Tortelloni Prosciutto e Panna
- Gnocchi Gamberetti