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Deliver cardboard, revive tree

For every carton returned, L'Osteria plants a tree.
For every carton returned, L'Osteria plants a tree.

From now on, L'Osteria is declaring war on mountains of rubbish made from pizza boxes and motivating its guests to bring empty pizza boxes back to the restaurant after enjoying their pizza. For every carton brought back, L'Osteria plants a tree together with its partner, the non-profit organization "Aktion Baum", in order to reforest the German forests. In addition, guests can look forward to a little surprise.

What could be better than enjoying a glass of wine and a tasty pizza in public places on the water or in parks? A special challenge for the environment are the used pizza boxes, which in the best case can be disposed of properly by the buyers or returned to L'Osteria from now on to do something good for the environment on top of that, writes L'Osteria.

Grazie Mille voucher

As of now, there are stickers with a QR code on all pizza boxes at participating locations, which leads to a specially created landing page on the L'Osteria website. There, the campaign "Hand in a box and revive a tree" is explained and the current number of trees planted is displayed. For each returned pizza box, the guest receives a Grazie Mille voucher, which can be redeemed for a delicious "piccola Bruschetta" as an accompanying dish to a main course at the next restaurant visit.

L'Osteria takes care of the proper disposal of the pizza boxes. Mirko Silz, CEO of FR L'Osteria SE: "We are aware of our social responsibility and want to show with our campaign that we care what happens to our empty pizza boxes. At the same time, we want to give an impulse to the entire industry to think about how to deal with packaging waste and how we can jointly master the future challenges in gastronomy with regard to our environment." In doing so, he does not rule out that the partnership with "Aktion Baum" could also be extended to other areas.

The action summarized

  • The promotion starts in week 32 and is expected to run for 6 weeks in participating L'Osteria restaurants. For every pizza box returned to participating restaurants, L'Osteria will plant a tree in German forests together with "Aktion Baum".
  • For every pizza box returned, the guest receives a Grazie Mille voucher for a"piccola Bruschetta" with a main course.

Partnership with "Aktion Baum

"Aktion Baum" is a non-profit organization with the vision to inspire people worldwide to actively participate in planting more trees than cutting them down. The initiative reforests with a clear focus on native forests, combining science and practice for the forest of the future. With donations of any size, leaders are fulfilling a commitment to create a better livelihood for generations to come.