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Domestic catering in Brazil for LATAM Airlines

LSG Sky Chefs will be responsible for the domestic catering of the airline LATAM in Brazil.
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LSG Sky Chefs will be responsible for the domestic catering of the airline LATAM in Brazil.

German airline catering specialist LSG Sky Chefs has been awarded the contract for LATAM Airlines' domestic catering business in Brazil. This equates to an average of 140 flights per day served in 2021 - additional slots are planned for 2022.

On the one hand, this means that the existing business LSG Sky Chefs with LATAM in São Paulo (GRU) and Fortaleza (FOR) is secured for another three years, while on the other hand the partnership expands with the acquisition of the additional LATAM operations in São Paulo (CGH) as well as the two airports in Rio de Janeiro (GIG and SDU).

The plan is to operate both CGH Airport in São Paulo and SDU Airport in Rio de Janeiro via strategically located jump-off stations, which are operational base stations that focus exclusively on last-mile logistics and selected packaging activities. The stations are remotely staffed with LSG Sky Chefs' key production units.

Milestone in Brazil

LSG Sky Chefs calls the acquisition of LATAM Domestic Catering a"real milestone for the company in expanding its presence in Brazil," particularly in São Paulo/CGH, where it currently has no presence.
About LSG Group/LSG Sky Chefs

LSG Group, (headquartered in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt) offers a seamless range of products and services for the travel industry worldwide. Four independent expert brands are part of the portfolio: LSG Sky Chefs for catering in airplanes, trains and lounges, Retail in Motion with in-flight sales programs, Spiriant for design and procurement of in-flight service equipment, and Evertaste as a convenience food brand.
In the pandemic year 2020, LSG Group generated consolidated revenue of EUR 945m (previous year: EUR 3.4bn) with 12,500 employees (previous year: 35,500) at 140 locations in 40 countries. The company produced 244 million meals (previous year: 684).
According to Top 100 Ranking 2020 by foodservice LSG Sky Chefs generated an estimated €200m in net gastronomic revenue in Germany in 2020 (2019: €808m) - third in the transport gastronomy segment in Germany. The hefty 75.2 percent drop in revenue is due to Covid-19-related lockdowns and flight bans in air travel. In December 2020, the EU Commission gave the go-ahead for the sale of LSG's European activities to the Swiss company Gategroup, representing around one-third of the total business and the transfer of some 7,500 employees.

"Our entire team is delighted that LATAM has awarded us the contract for all five airports, especially in these uncertain times," emphasized Sheila Taboada, LSG Sky Chefs' Key Account Manager for LATAM. "We have solidified our relationship with LATAM over the past few years, proving our flexibility, service consistency and sustainable approach in the most challenging conditions, which, combined with a competitive offering, sets us apart from the competition."
Preparations for the launch of traditional airline catering operations at the new stations (CGH, GIG and SDU) have already begun, but an official launch date has not yet been set.

The airline LATAM relies above all on the service strength and reliable quality of LSG Sky Chefs. Juan Ordoñez, VP, On Board Service at LATAM Airlines, affirms, "We look forward to continuing to work with LSG Sky Chefs to enhance the travel experience for our guests on board."
LATAM, recognized as the best performing airline in terms of sustainability in Latin America, is one of LSG Group's main customers in the region. The airline operates in five domestic markets in Latin America, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, in addition to international operations within the region with flights to Europe, the United States and the Caribbean.