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2000 jobs and free German classes for Ukraine refugees

McDonald's wants to help refugees from Ukraine with jobs and language courses.
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McDonald's wants to help refugees from Ukraine with jobs and language courses.

With up to 2,000 jobs in its restaurants and free German courses through its language provider EF Education First, McDonald's wants to offer refugees from Ukraine an uncomplicated way to gain a foothold in Germany.

"We are very concerned about the events in Ukraine, because we see what is at the core of our brand threatened there: diversity and people living together peacefully and respectfully," says McDonald's Germany CEO Mario Federico.

"That's part of our DNA - we are a McDonald's of all, but especially for all!" At the current time, he said, there are a large number of job openings at company-owned and franchise-operated McDonald's restaurants in Germany. Of these, about 2,000 jobs could be made available immediately to Ukrainians who have fled, the company calculates.

Work and language as the key to integration

To make it easier for the refugees to gain a foothold in Germany, the fast-food giant also offers accompanying, free German courses and local support for its nearly 200 franchisees, for example with housing offers or job mentors. In this way, the system caterer aims to ensure fast and effective integration.

Together with its European partners, McDonald's Germany is also working to ensure that its Ukrainian McDonald's employees can leave the country safely and find jobs and housing. The company has set up a dedicated hotline for those affected and their families, which all McDonald's employees from Ukraine can use in their native language.

Job application page for Ukrainian refugees

In addition, McDonald's is working with partners on a specially designed website that should significantly simplify the application process for Ukrainian refugees - even beyond the McDonald's system. If employment does result, the company, together with its language provider EF Education First, promises to provide free access to an online language platform.

"We don't see immigration as a challenge, but rather as an opportunity for society and our company," says Sandra Mühlhause, Chief Human Resources Officer at McDonald's Germany. "McDonald's stands for tolerance and an open welcoming culture. We are delighted to welcome refugees from Ukraine to our restaurants - both in front of and behind the counter."
About EF Education First

EF Education First is a global education company focused on languages, travel, cultural exchange and academic training. With the mission of "Opening the World through Education," EF provides language and communication training for corporate clients globally and has partnered with McDonald's since 2020. To date, over 30,000 McDonald's employees in 32 countries have been successfully trained with EF.