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Campaign against careless throwing away

New waste baskets will be installed at the McDrive in select restaurants.
McDonald's Deutschland
New waste baskets will be installed at the McDrive in select restaurants.

With the new campaign "Gib Müll 'nen Korb!" – which translates approximately to "turn down the waste" –McDonald's Germany wants to motivate its guests to be more attentive to packaging waste. To this end, the company has developed special waste catch baskets on a trial basis to encourage guests to throw them in accurately. In addition, all restaurants in Germany will be equipped with new advertising material on the subject. In addition, McDonald's Germany is also drawing attention to this topic on its social media channels and in cooperation with influencer Aaron Troschke.

"It is important to our guests and to us that waste does not end up in the environment, but in the bin. With our campaign, we want to raise awareness of precisely this - and above all motivate people to help us dispose of packaging properly," says Eva Rössler, company spokeswoman for McDonald's Germany. "It is also clear that the best packaging is, of course, that which is not produced in the first place. That's why we're working at the same time to fundamentally reduce packaging and close the loop for recycling."

Special catch baskets for playful implementation

Selected pilot restaurants will receive specially designed waste catch baskets for the McDrive, which playfully encourage people to throw their waste in accurately. The basket and campaign will receive special attention thanks to the collaboration with influencer Aaron Troschke. He shows how McDonald#s also deals with the issue of waste behind the scenes and what every individual can do themselves to "Gib Müll 'nen Korb!".

Advertising material in the campaign look such as stickers for outside waste bins with motivating claims as well as vests for the outside tours point out in and around the restaurants to avoid careless littering. Information on cash register receipts and extensive social media activation reinforce the campaign.

Our plan for less litter!

"Gib Müll 'nen Korb" is, according to its own statements, the continuation of McDonald's commitment in Germany against carelessly discarded waste. For example, the implementation of waste collection rounds according to demand has always been a fixed requirement in the company's standards. In addition, McDonald's has been organising local waste collection campaigns with its franchisees for many years.

In addition, the company has been working to continuously reduce plastic and packaging waste through its strategic packaging roadmap since 2019. For example, switching from cardboard to wrapping paper can save up to 70 percent packaging material on select products.

Currently, over 85 percent of McDonald's packaging is made from certified sustainable paper. By 2025, 100 percent of all sales packaging is to be made from renewable, recycled or certified materials. High-quality recycling is also a focus. For example, used beverage cups are collected separately and recycled into sanitary paper or sheetrock.

Criticism from Deutsche Umwelthilfe

However, there is also criticism of McDonald's waste management. The German Environmental Aid (DUH), for example, criticises the company for taking legal action against the introduction of a packaging tax in Tübingen. This would be in contrast to the efforts communicated by the company to avoid waste more.