German launch for Dodo Pizza

The first German location for Dodo Pizza will start in Munich on Thursday.
Dodo Pizza
The first German location for Dodo Pizza will start in Munich on Thursday.

For the time being, it will remain Delivery. The Russian franchise chain Dodo Pizza is opening its first location in Germany in times of "lockdown light" this Thursday for the delivery business.

The first pizzeria in Germany is located in Munich's Hochstraße, near the Gasteig cultural centre. Indoors - following the current restrictions - almost 185 sqm are available, outdoors another 50 sqm. The entire pizza offer has been adapted to local preferences. The country-specific recipes include a salami pizza and chicken & curry. "A little later we will be launching the Munich Pizza and the Hot Dog Pizza - both unique products developed exclusively for Germany," reports Max Kotin, Global Communications, Dodo Brands.

Dodo Pizza: Premiere in Germany

"We hope that guests love our combo deals. On our website and with our app, two recipes can be combined in one pizza," says Kotin. Prices range from 6.50 euros for a small Margherita to 19.50 euros for a large "Super Meat" pizza.

About Dodo Pizza

The company with Russian roots is currently active in 13 countries (China, USA, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Romania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom) and currently operates 658 pizza shops. Most of them are located in Russia: 552 units. In the pipeline: Poland, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland. Growth plans are in place for the UK and China, where own-operated stores are to be opened.
Key elements of the company are technology, transparency and social media. Dodo Pizza was founded by Fyodor Ovchinnikov 2011 in Syktyvkar, Russia, and is already the market leader in its home market. One day, Dodo Pizza aims to be the number 1 pizza chain worldwide.
Annual sales in 2019 were US$313 m, which means that Dodo Pizza achieved a 46 percent increase over the previous year.

Anyone who orders via the Dodo app receives a first pizza free of charge as an introductory offer. In addition, the franchise company makes the worldwide promise that an order will reach the customer after a maximum of 45 minutes. Otherwise, Dodo takes care of the bill. Dodo Pizza will not work with external delivery service providers at the beginning but will keep the entire process in its own hands.

For the market entry in this country, the franchise partner invested 400,000 euros in the location and 300,000 euros in the launch of the brand and the basis for future expansion. Not included are the costs incurred at the headquarters. "We have a large team to support the launch in Germany as well as in other countries," says Max Kotin, Global Communications, Dodo Brands. The opening was delayed due to the Corona Pandemic. The launch was scheduled for mid September.
About Dodo Brands
In the summer, Fyodor Ovchinnikov presented the umbrella brand Dodo Brands with two other sister brands for Dodo Pizza: the doner kebab brand Doner 42 and the "digital first" coffee bar chain DrinkIt.
In all corporate activities, the focus is on product quality and, in the background, on specially developed IT with apps for order processing and sophisticated operational processes. Ovchinnikov's goal: a technology-driven multi-brand QSR group.