Lockdowns in Europe

Restaurants in Athens will also remain closed for the time being.
imago images / ZUMA Wire
Restaurants in Athens will also remain closed for the time being.

All over Europe, restaurants and cafés are being closed again to stem the rising coronavirus infection figures. An overview of nationwide measures and lockdowns:


Since Friday night last week, France has again been in a nationwide lockdown. By December 1, all restaurants, bars and "non essential shops" must close. Apartments and houses may only be left for important errands and with written proof. Schools and kindergartens will remain open. Workers are to pursue their jobs in the home office. Communal catering facilities may remain open under certain conditions. Deliveries and take-away are still permitted.


On Tuesday of this week Austria drastically tightened its corona measures. Events in the cultural, sports and leisure sector are no longer allowed. The hotel and restaurant industry must close. Restaurants may, however, continue to supply their guests or offer their services to-go.
Only two households are allowed to meet and between 8 pm and 6 am there are exit restrictions. People are only allowed to leave the door for important reasons. The ordinance is valid until 30 November, and exit restrictions must be re-applied at ten-day intervals.


Since 29 October, restaurants and bars have had to close from 23 o'clock in Switzerland, discos and dance clubs even complete. All events with more than 50 people and sporting and cultural leisure activities with more than 15 people are prohibited. The measures are not limited in time.


The British government refers to its new regulations to contain the Corona pandemic as a partial lockdown. Schools and universities, construction sites and factories will be allowed to remain open from Thursday. Cultural facilities, sports centres and non-essential shops must close by 2 December. Restaurants and pubs will only be allowed to serve food and drinks to-go . With a few exceptions, meetings between two households remain prohibited, and the British may only leave the house with reason.


Since last week, Italy has been in partial lockdown. Cinemas, theatres, fitness studios, baths, ski resorts and concert halls are now closed. Restaurants and bars are allowed to be open until 6 pm, but after that they are allowed to continue to offer take-away food and drinks and to deliver. The measures initially apply until 24 November.


Spain has declared a state of emergency. The state of emergency is in effect from 25 October 2020 to 9 May 2021 and includes a nationwide curfew between 23.00 and 6.00 (except for the Canary Islands). Meetings of more than six people are prohibited. People are only allowed to move outside when they go to work, buy medicine or look after someone. The decree allows the regions to close their borders and introduce territorial restrictions in provinces, municipalities and neighbourhoods. Each region can maintain its restrictions on restaurant capacity, opening hours and social meetings.


Greece is closing restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas and gyms in large parts of the country, including the capital Athens, on Tuesday this week. The lockdown will last throughout November. However, restaurants in the affected regions will still be allowed to deliver and offer take-away. A curfew applies from midnight to 5 am. Unlike in spring, people are allowed to travel further and retail outlets will remain open.


In Belgium, all bars and restaurants have already closed for a month a week ago. In addition, no alcohol has been allowed to be sold after 8 pm since then. Now "non-essential" shops have also been closed. Shops where close contact is required, such as hairdressers, have to stay. Gymnasiums, swimming pools and other cultural and leisure facilities are also closed. If possible, working from home is mandatory. Belgians may only receive close relatives in their homes. Those who live alone are allowed two so-called "cuddle contacts". Outside the home, meetings are limited to a maximum of four people.


Portugal will also go into partial lockdown from November 4, but with more restaurants open. Citizens should stay in their apartments and houses and work from home if possible. Important errands, visits to the doctor or persons in need of care as well as taking the children to school and day-care centres are permitted, for example. It is also still possible to visit restaurants. The restaurants close at the latest at 22.30 hours, locally sometimes earlier. The stricter rules apply to all communities with a 14-day incidence of more than 240 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. On November 2 this applied to 121 municipalities, including the regions of Lisbon and Porto.