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Mama Shelter arrives in Lisbon

Mama Lisboa's design is a homage to the rich history of the Portuguese capital.
Mama Shelter
Mama Lisboa's design is a homage to the rich history of the Portuguese capital.

Mama Lisboa is scheduled to open on 12th January 2022. Mama Shelter is a family-founded company that has been disrupting the hotel scene with its eccentric, sassy, fun and accessible approach to hospitality. Founded in Paris in 2008 by the Trigano family (co-founders of Club Med), Mama Shelter aims to offer its guests a combination of shared fun, affordability and exceptional service in cities and neighborhoods with a unique story.

Mama Lisboa will be located in the heart of Lisbon, between the vibrant Príncipe Real and the monumental Marquis of Pombal Square, and just a 10-minute walk from the Eduardo VII Park offering panoramic views down over the city

Echoing the character of the Portuguese capital, Mama Lisboa will have a vibrant and colorful spirit, as well as more "cutting-edge" design elements, hand-drawn and tailor-made to create an environment (almost) as unique as one of the Seven Hills of Lisbon. Bringing the capital's spirit to life, Mama Shelter aims to be a space where tourists and locals alike can come together and share a variety of experiences. The hotel will always be open to guests just wishing to visit the rooftop bar and restaurant - a key feature of the Mama Lisboa concept, which co-founder Serge Trigano defines as "a restaurant with rooms above."

Mama Lisboa's design is a homage to the rich history of the Portuguese capital. Conceived by the company's in-house design team, Mama Design Studio, the authentic style that adorns Mama Lisboa's walls, floor and ceilings is a playful mix of pop culture, bohemian style, and Portuguese maritime heritage. 

At Mama Lisboa's restaurant, a Portuguese reinterpretation of a French brasserie, guests will be offered a menu that combines flavorful Portuguese classics, French specialties and Mama's classic signature dishes. In addition to the restaurant, the new address will have a pizzeria serving the famous Mama pizzas - which, for the first-time, will also be available to take away. There is also a large island bar, crafted from local marble, which will serve exquisite cocktails, specialty Portuguese coffee and freshly-squeezed juices and smoothies. Food and drinks can be enjoyed inside with an upbeat atmosphere that mixes modern pop décor with beautiful elements of Portuguese heritage - tiled columns, capitals decorated with Bordallo Pinheiro fish ceramics, pendant fish-shaped lights; or outside, on a green, white, and terracotta painted patio basking in the Lisbon sun and providing the perfect spot for the ultimate gastronomic experience.

With an impressive view over Lisbon and the Tagus River, the hotel's rooftop is the perfect spot to watch the golden sun setting over the city's skyline. The rooftop, open from morning until late at night, will have a kitchen, a briquette bar, a DJ station, and different areas to sit back, chill and relax. At night or during the day, under the fairy lights or the blue Lisbon sky, Mama Lisboa's rooftop invites its guests to create lasting memories.
The food offer will consist of flavorful Portuguese classics, French specialties and Mama's classic signature dishes.
Mama Shelter
The food offer will consist of flavorful Portuguese classics, French specialties and Mama's classic signature dishes.

Spread over eight floors, Mama Lisboa's 130 bedrooms have been designed by Mama Design Studio to create the perfect cosy atmosphere. With open bathrooms and a Portuguese tile-inspired carpet covering the whole floor, the colorful bedrooms echo the rich history of Portugal. Authentic materials used range from tabletops made of recycled bottle stoppers produced in Portugal, smart TVs framed in cork (one of the treasures of south Portugal), the lampshades are made of Portuguese straw, and decorative artwork by Bordallo Pinheiro. The bedrooms also boast free Wi-Fi, brand new, organic and plastic-free products, and a TV featuring a wide selection of complementary movies (including adult only).

Mama also caters to businessmen and women. In the building next door (Rua do Vale de Pereiro 26), Mama Lisboa will have its own Atelier: a meeting space with a capacity of 25 people, equipped with a 50" screen, great connectivity and full service - food, drinks, and even a bathroom.

For product lovers, Mama Lisboa will offer a wide range of Mama Shop goods for sale, such as beauty products, clothing, sex toys, candles, home fragrances and many other items. They can also be bought on the e-shop mamalovesyou.com.

About Mama Shelter
After many years at Club Med (co-founded by the Trigano family), Serge Trigano launched Mama Shelter in 2008 with his sons, Jérémie and Benjamin. From the outset, the founders have offered guests a combination of shared fun, affordability, and exceptional service, implementing Mama only in cities that they love and in neighborhoods with a unique story. By deciding to focus only on locations that spoke to their hearts, Mama Shelter hotels express their ideal of an unusual, eccentric, and unique place to be. More than simply rooms and restaurants, Mama Shelter is a dynamic and vibrant space - a true urban refuge that is not only beautiful and modern, but also popular, friendly and sexy. Paris was followed by Marseille, from there to Lyon, Bordeaux, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Belgrade, Toulouse, Lille, London, Paris West, Luxembourg, Rome, with upcoming openings in Lisbon, Paris La Défense, Dubai, and many more. In 2014, the international hotel chain, Accor, partnered with Mama Shelter to develop the concept and welcome travelers and locals throughout the world. Mama Shelter is part of Ennismore, a creative hospitality company rooted in culture and community, with a global portfolio of entrepreneurial and founder-built brands with purpose at their heart. Ennismore entered into a joint-venture with Accor in 2021.