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Only five players shine in 2020

Industry expert Gretel Weiß presenting the ranking of the biggest foodservice players in Europe at the 22nd European Foodservice Summit in Zurich.
Thomas Fedra
Industry expert Gretel Weiß presenting the ranking of the biggest foodservice players in Europe at the 22nd European Foodservice Summit in Zurich.

A double-digit minus is recorded by the largest restaurant companies in Europe in the first year with Corona influence. "2020 was the toughest and most chaotic year in recent history for restaurants and hotels in Europe," pointed out Gretel Weiß, publisher, foodservice Europe & Middle East (dfv Mediengruppe).

Sales of the top 95 fell by exactly 26.2 percent to €93 bn last year - after a peak year of 7.4 percent growth in 2019. Typically, the big and established names came through this year with fewer losses than the average. The top ten companies in 2020 reported a much smaller loss: just 16.6 percent. They are all system sales billionaires and their share of the ranking volume equates to around 60 percent. These results come from the latest ranking, presented at the 22nd European Foodservice Summit in Zurich on 7 October 2021.

The line-up of the top five ranks is unchanged from last year. McDonald's defends the first place with an estimated turnover of 21.730 bn euros (against prev. year -18.0%), followed by a clear margin by Sodexo with €7.308 bn euros (-10.1%) and Yum! Brands with €6.075 bn (-11.0 %). In fourth place is Compass Group with €5.678 bn ( -19.9%) and in fifth place is Burger King with an estimated €4.649 bn ( -19.9%).

Among Europe's top 95 players, only five are reporting revenue growth. "All of them are pizza delivery specialists," explains the industry expert Gretel Weiß. In first place among the Corona growth stars is Dodo Pizza from Russia with plus 27 percent, followed by two ranking newcomers. The New York Pizza brand originated in the Netherlands and Kotipizza in Finland. They are joined by Domino's Pizza and Papa John's, two well-known brands from the U.S.

In general, according to Weiß, "Pizza is a global national dish, is borderline adaptable, and is a worldwide ambassador of uncomplicated eating. A universal favorite for rich and poor, kids and grandparents alike. Having Delivery as the main distribution channel was a gift in 2020, making them winners in a class of their own."

New to the 2020 ranking from Germany is Hans im Glück, with sales in Europe of €123 m.

The top list of the 95 largest restaurant players represents about a quarter of the foodservice market in Europe, according to Weiß. The groups listed come from 17 countries of origin. System sales including franchise activities are included in the sales figures.

The ranking will appear in its entirety in the December issue of foodservice Europe & Middle East (publication date: 10.12.2021).

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