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The record year before the crisis

Those were the days! In 2019, the top 99 in Europe achieved a sales growth of 7.4 percent.
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Those were the days! In 2019, the top 99 in Europe achieved a sales growth of 7.4 percent.

In 2019, Europe's top 99 foodservice players achieved a sales growth of 7.4 percent (adjusted for currency effects). The QSR segment recorded the highest growth (+10.9%) - mainly through expansion, acquisitions and delivery services. For the top 99, 2019 proved to be a record year overall.

McDonald's, the leader in the field, brings over 26 billion euros in system sales and 8.2 percent growth (both estimated) to the scales. With combined net sales of almost 69 billion euros, the top 10 account for more than half of the sales of all top 99 companies.

Growth champions

The list of the fastest growing companies is headed by Alsea Iberia from Spain (rank 28) with a sales increase of 68.4 percent. In second place is the Restaurant Group from Great Britain (rank 23) with a growth rate of 56.4 percent.

Rising star number three is Dodo Pizza from Russia (rank 84) with a growth rate of 45.7 percent compared to 2018. New names on the list include Papa John's (rank 58) and O'Tacos (rank 97).

21st European Foodservice Summit - Digital Talk
The European Foodservice Summit, which traditionally takes place every September in Zurich, has to be moved to the Internet this year because of Covid-19. At the first Digital Summit Talk, market researcher and distinguished expert Jochen Pinsker will shed light on the current figures, scenarios and trends in the food service market in Europe.
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Three further market observations
  • The share of American Quickservice brands in the list is increasing.
  • Delivery and related services are becoming an increasingly important factor for like-for-like sales (Comparable Sales).
  • Burger and pizza concepts have a very large presence in the top 99.

Editor's note: Figures from late 2019/early 2020 have been used to create the ranking - without adjustments for the Covid 19 crisis. Thus, the successes and overall impressions of the year remain valid for future considerations and comparisons.

Top 99 - Top 5 Players in Europe

Quelle: foodservice E&ME 5/2020
R(R '18)GroupSales '19 (€ m)vs. '18 in cc
35Yum! Brands6.82624,4%
44Compass Group6.6751,6%
56Burger King*5.74011,0%

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