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"The fast eat the slow"

Trend expert Pierre Nierhaus spoke on a webinar about gastro trends in the post-pandemic era.
Trend expert Pierre Nierhaus spoke on a webinar about gastro trends in the post-pandemic era.

The hospitality industry in Germany has experienced a massive crisis during the Corona pandemic. In an approximately 90-minute webinar, change expert Pierre Nierhaus now spoke about the opportunities and trends that are emerging from the crisis for the hospitality industry.

Pierre Nierhaus sends the best news to the plenum right at the beginning: "Our industry is indispensable. Business will come back - stronger than before." This is what experience from previous crises has taught us. But after the pandemic, the hospitality industry will change in parts: new concepts will be established, new service features will be standard, distinction will be demanded from the guests. If you want to be successful as a host, you must always want to be better. "The fast eat the slow", predicts Nierhaus in the webinar, which was hosted by the gastronomy specialist Lusini.

Safety and health are currently top priorities, considered a top trend: "Hygiene, packaging, wayfinding, ventilation as well as terraces as safety factors are relevant," says the change expert. Nierhaus gives the industry a good report card: The hospitality industry had used the past months to develop sophisticated hygiene concepts. Moreover, studies have shown that gastronomy and the hotel industry are not pandemic drivers.

The top trends after Corona

In the following, Nierhaus presented further top trends in the hospitality industry, some of which had already been discussed before Corona, but which had now gained in importance. Accordingly, these trends include:
  • Experience more important than consumption
  • Return to simplicity and authenticity
  • Digital transformation continues
  • Snacking at lunchtime
  • Drinks trends: Alcohol light or zero alcohol
  • Delivery and To Go - also in new variants
Nierhaus paid special attention to hospitality employees, saying that "Appreciation: employees first" is a trend that hosts should take to heart. During the Corona pandemic, for example, many hospitality employees migrated, now working in vaccination and testing centers, among other places. "We need to offer our employees a future," the hospitality expert said. This included fair working hours as well as improved wages, he said.

A comprehensive breakdown of the trends presented is available on Pierre Nierhaus' homepage. His current trend report can be downloaded free of charge under this link.
About Pierre Nierhaus
Pierre Nierhaus is a trend and change expert for the hospitality and lifestyle industry. He combines his 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and international hospitality expert in his range of activities as a concept developer, innovation and business coach, trend expert, keynote speaker, textbook author and guest lecturer. Through his international trend travels and his close contacts to innovators, doers and entrepreneurs, he is one of the first to discover trends and innovations, present them to the industry and support their transfer.