Good Prospects for the quiet season

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Check out the options now and be vitalized for the autumn-and-winter season: SALOMON FoodWorld offers restaurateurs support for reliable and creative planning.

“Bad Weather – Good Business“ is the motto of the new manual which SALOMON FoodWorld has created in particular for the gastronomy to render useful support to this industry for the upcoming autumn-and-winter season. The interactive pdf is available as a free download and offers a comprehensive overview, creative ideas, and numerous suggestions.

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We have listened to the concerns of the restaurateurs
“How to arrange business successfully in autumn and in winter?“ This questions, as well as other worries and concerns, is plaguing many restaurateurs. They have already gone a hard distance, and they are still facing rough times: When autumn winds and winter temperatures drive people indoors, promising gastro concepts need to be at hand. We at SALOMON FoodWorld have already started to think about that…

Searching for solutions
SALOMON FoodWorld has been in close contact with numerous restaurateurs and cooks who run different kinds of outlets in different regions, and we have had a good look at this topic. But one thing is clear: There is no one-and-only master solution available for the industry! Each restaurateur has to think about the optimal solution(s) for his/her place and target group. However, no-one needs to hammer away at this alone…

Bad Weather Good Business

Practical support for checking and planning
Solution-oriented thinking is what SALOMON FoodWorld is specialized in – so the logical result is: The food service specialist provides the restaurateurs with a manual which is a practical checking and planning guideline and which is to save a lot of time on the restaurateur´s side. The handout is divided into several subject areas (Outdoor Gastronomy, Indoor Gastronomy, and New Ideas & Take Away) and summarizes relevant points and suggestions for a new autumn-and-winter concept in a clearly structured way.
  • There are several options and ideas on how to extend the outdoor season and on how to offer the guests warm dishes with a cosy ambience as an alternative to indoor dining.
  • The indoor area, in return, convinces with a clever use of space, a smart increase in guests count, and a transparent hygiene concept.
  • A third option may be a completely different approach: Take-away and the implementation of new ideas may host additional sources of revenue. SALOMON FoodWorld offers attractive and practical potted dishes for all three subject areas. All the dishes feature the following: easy preparation, easy heat retention, easy serving, and easy delivery.

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