"I Love Gastro" launched

The presentation of the grant money for "I Love Gastro".
Luchs Akademie GmbH
The presentation of the grant money for "I Love Gastro".

The educational project "I Love Gastro" is an action of catering companies in the Harz Mountains to jointly tackle the shortage of skilled workers. By means of a positive commitment, training drop-outs are to be reduced and the image of the hospitality industry as a place of employment and training is to be improved.

The project is aimed at training companies and the trainees of, among others, the fields of "Restaurant Specialist", "Cook" and "Hospitality Specialist" of BBS Bad Harzburg for the years 2020 and 2021. During their first year of training they are accompanied by modules that build on each other in a job-specific way. In the implementation of the modules, experience-oriented teaching methods according to Ruth Cohn (theme-centred interaction) are used.

Participation in this EU-supported project is free of charge for the companies except for the secondment of the employees. On August 19, 2020, the ESF funding decision in the amount of 152,000 euros was handed over by Minister of Culture Grant Hendrik Tonne to the three partners of the participating Luchs Akademie, Alexander Scharf, Tom Derer and Christoph Guder, for the educational project in the Hotel Schiefer in Goslar.