First integrative retail space at Ljubljana Airport

Smartseller opens first integrative retail space at Ljubljana Airport.
Smartseller opens first integrative retail space at Ljubljana Airport.

Smartseller, the 50/50 joint venture between casualfood and Gebr. Heinemann established in 2020, has opened its first integrative retail space at Ljubljana Airport, combining food & beverage, convenience and duty free.

The space is located in the airport's new terminal and covers 1,000 square metres, the majority of which launched on 1 July 2021. The remaining space is scheduled to open in April 2022. While"smartseller" is the name of the operating company, the concept at the airport operates under the customer-focused umbrella brand"all yours".

Tailored to the needs of passengers, the "all yours" experience offers passengers a "liquid retail journey". Its aim is to reduce barriers and create a place of retreat for travellers. The boundaries between duty free, food & beverage and convenience shops have disappeared in favor of an open concept in which passengers can move around at will.

Intuitive transitions

"The concept evolves the retail space from formerly category-centric assortments to four needs-based zones that create fluid and intuitive transitions between themes, products and services," explains Karl Niendorf, Managing Director of smartseller.

In Ljubljana, the company has established the pebble as the cornerstone of the flowing customer journey. As a central element, it extends from the logo to the shop fitting and into all areas of communication with passengers. In the retail area, four pebbles serve as islands or fixed points of orientation around which everything flows like water: Your Bistro (food & beverage), Your Location (local products), Your Studio (a place to linger) and Your Spa (a feel-good zone to relax and refresh).

Sustainable shop design

Around these four pebbles, all the usual travel-retail categories are presented in a visually appealing way with a local touch. The furniture concept is straightforward and flexible, making the concept adaptable to future requirements. Everything can be quickly converted or used for other purposes, as the components are mainly connected by plug-in connections and the structures are kept simple. This is economical and contributes to the sustainability of the shop design.

For the new concept, Smartseller, in close cooperation with the airport operator Fraport Slovenija, combined the areas of casualfood and the existing areas of Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value into one overall presentation.

Roll-out in Europe

In addition to Ljubljana, Smartseller is already active with other integrated solutions, which can already be experienced on a smaller scale at the regional airports in Münster/Osnabrück and Leipzig in Germany. Here too, smartseller operates integrative duty free, food & beverage and convenience retail areas. However, they are not marketed under a customer-oriented umbrella brand as in Ljubljana.

Following the successful launch at the airport in the Slovenian capital, smartseller now wants to roll out the concept across Europe. "The airport of the future must be understood as a holistic marketplace in terms of its synergies rather than its individual offerings. We are gearing all our offers towards this," concludes Karl Niendorf.
About Smartseller
Smartseller, a joint venture established in 2020 between Gebr. Heinemann and travel catering specialist casualfood, offers added value to small and medium-sized regional airports by combining travel retail with food & beverage and convenience. This comprehensive approach offers expertise in all areas and services from a single source, as well as a modern, highly flexible experience tailored to passengers' needs. With smartseller, the airport operator has a single contractual partner that ensures profitability and sustainable operations. In addition, the company brings an integrated shop design, IT landscape, checkout and merchandise management system to the airport, thus combining the full-service approach with a rethinking of airport retail.