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Cooking box providers sell on Tiktok

The social media platform goes among food sellers.
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The social media platform goes among food sellers.

Tiktok goes among food sellers: In the UK, customers can now buy items from various cooking box providers on the popular short video platform.

Tiktok users in the UK can now buy groceries through the platform. Since Monday, cooking box suppliers Pasta Evangelists, The Veg Box Company and The Fish Society, among others, have been offering their products through the social network, according to an official announcement from Tiktok UK. Among other things, the brands could offer exclusive discounts. In doing so, Tiktok is following the trend of other groups looking to profit from the booming food delivery business.

According to Tiktok data, content with food has generated more than 26 billion views so far. "Enabling brands as well as fresh food producers to sell directly to our community using a seamless transaction in the Tiktok store is a logical next step," said Patrick Nommensen, the manager in charge. Pasta Evangelists co-founder Finn Lagun spoke of an "exciting opportunity to change the face of modern retail" while delivering food.

Most popular app in 2021

Globally, Tiktok already cracked the 1 billion monthly active users mark last year and was the most downloaded app worldwide. There are varying figures on the number of users in the UK, ranging from around 15 million to 17 million, with a quarter of users said to be aged between 15 and 24.

In Germany, Tiktok is said to have had just over 15 million users last year. Estimates suggest that the app could exceed the 20 million mark in Germany before the end of this year. Tiktok itself does not release user figures for individual markets. (dpa/ire)