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Areas with new brands at Atocha

Areas now manages eleven outlets at Madrid's largest railway station.
Areas now manages eleven outlets at Madrid's largest railway station.

Food & Beverage and Travel Retail operator Areas shored up its position at train stations in 2021 with the management of new outlets at Atocha station. The company culminated the gastronomic revamp of nine outlets at Madrid-Atocha and expanded its presence at the station, moving from managing two outlets to 11 under seven different brands.

Areas has operated out of Madrid-Atocha since 1996 and currently manages a large part of the station’s restaurants with brands that respond to the company’s aim of introducing pioneering concepts that have proven successful in downtown Madrid into its brand portfolio.

The company is already present at the station through the brand Farine, a brand-new café-cum-bakery concept with a French touch that began in Naples and features an extensive variety of baked goods and a selection of juices and gourmet sandwiches; Dots Bakery, with a wide range of pastries and candy; Mahoudrid, with two outlets and an Origen by Mahou for travelers keen on beer and tapas; Rodilla, with two outlets, the best-known sandwich brand in the restaurant game with over 20 varieties to combine and enjoy; Deli&Cia, its proprietary brand targeted at people who want to eat healthily but don’t have time for a sit-down meal; Gastroteca, one of the latest onboardings located close to the station’s botanic garden with a modern, cosmopolitan vibe and a menu based on traditional cuisine featuring quality seasonal produce; COMO, situated in the boarding area and, finally, Las Muns, the first of the brand’s outlets to feature on the Travel Channel. In addition to these outlets, there are La Pausa and COMO Express, the two concepts the company was already managing at the station.

Areas was keen to celebrate Christmas with a series of events and actions at Madrid’s main train station to give travelers a unique experience. Initiatives included the special Onda Cero radio broadcast from the Mahoudrid outlet and the concert Areas organized in the same premises, as well as the special presence of Santa Claus at COMO, Dots, Deli&Cia, Origen&Muns, La Pausa, and Farine.
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