Sticky Fingers reinvents itself

Stylish and cool: The Sticky Fingers scores with a chic design
Anton Fuchs
Stylish and cool: The Sticky Fingers scores with a chic design

The Regensburg scene restaurant of host and star chef Anton Schmaus starts with a fresh look and smart concept. First of all, it's going to be nice outside.

Ready for the summer season: Sticky Fingers in the heart of Regensburg's old town has a new look, feel and taste. The menu teases the guests' palates with orientally inspired sophistication, created by the new chef Philipp Bittenbinder. Barman Sebastian Dorner also breathes new flavours into his cocktails. And the fresh interior design creates space for more tables with greater spacing. The bar and restaurant, decorated with dark green velvet and large-format photographs, remains cool, provocative, wicked - and true to its name: Here you can also eat with your fingers.

The opening of the terrace on 27 May has marked the starting point. Then there will be freshly mixed cocktails to go again. Host and star chef Anton Schmaus, who also runs the gourmet restaurant Storstad, the sushi bar Aska, the Schlosscafé Antoinette and the gourmet delivery service Proviant in Regensburg in addition to Stick y Fingers, is pleased: "Everyone who loves Sticky Fingers will recognize it in the future: We're staying true to ourselves, but we've tweaked the details: There is now more space around the tables. Restaurant and bar are clearly separated from each other, the entrance area has been completely redesigned. And with Philipp Bittenbinder, we have gained a chef who, with his creative oriental-French fusion cuisine, is a perfect fit for us."

Cosmopolitan at the stove: Philipp Bittenbinder

Philipp Bittenbinder: The new head chef has his sights firmly set on the culinary arts
Vroni Hert
Philipp Bittenbinder: The new head chef has his sights firmly set on the culinary arts
The 33-year-old globetrotter Philipp Bittenbinder combines influences from his professional career to create experimental fusion cuisine with a Turkish-Syrian-Iranian touch. The trained chef and business economist has gained experience all over the world with different restaurant concepts - from the French-Mallorcan gourmet restaurant in Spain to a Turkish restaurant in Melbourne to the award-winning Hotel Bareiss in Baiersbronn.

Venison tartare and dill ice cream with rose petal sauce

The new menu captivates with oriental-Mediterranean flavours, including mint, rose petal water, coriander seed and orange. Finely seasoned köfte with cress, venison tartare from the region, dill ice cream with rose petal sauce: Bittenbinder loves the creative play with flavors and textures. Freshly baked yogurt bread and homemade lemon jam, as well as seasonal produce such as asparagus and radishes, tickle guests' palates and please the eye.

Restaurant manager and wine lover Vroni Hert has adapted the wine list to the new flavours. And there is also a breath of fresh air at the Sticky Fingers bar: Sebastian Dorner presents creative cocktail and long drink ideas, plus a comprehensive selection of gin, rum and other spirits as before.

A tribute to the Rolling Stones

The Sticky Fingers owes its name to the Rolling Stones' ninth studio album. The legendary rock record was released in 1971, exactly 50 years ago. Host Anton Schmaus reveals, "Ever since I can remember, my heart has beaten for the Stones - when we opened Sticky Fingers in 2016, it was a declaration of love." With the bar-restaurant, the star chef wanted to set a provocative accent in Regensburg's old town - until today: with the renovation and the new menu, Sticky Fingers keeps moving. True to the saying: "A rolling stone gathers no moss".

Owner: Anton Schmaus
Service Manager: Veronika Hert
Chef: Philipp Bittenbender
Bar Manager: Sebastian Dorner
Seating: 45 indoors and 35 outdoors
Opening Hours: for now: Tuesday through Sunday, 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. (weather permitting)
Address: Sticky Fingers, Untere Bachgasse 9, 93047 Regensburg, Germany.

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