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Guests are looking forward to restaurant visits

A survey by OpenTable shows that guests in Germany are looking forward to visits to restaurants.
A survey by OpenTable shows that guests in Germany are looking forward to visits to restaurants.

A survey by the online reservation tool OpenTable shows that guests do not want to miss out on visits to the restaurant even after the partial lockdown has been extended.

Waiting for the restaurant to reopen does not seem to diminish the anticipation of restaurant visitors to go out for dinner again. A recent survey by the online reservation tool OpenTable shows that the majority of guests want to go out to eat just as often as before the closures, provided the restaurant has a clearly communicated hygiene concept.

"Most feel safe both inside (76 percent) and outside (94 percent) the restaurant. Overall, a third (32 percent) of those surveyed feel more joy at the thought of eating in the restaurant again than before the lockdowns, and for 16 percent, going out to eat has become a very special experience," the company writes in response to its survey.

Support local gastronomy

Looking back, OpenTable data for 2020 shows that one of the days with the most seat reservations was Valentine's Day before the lockdown measures came into effect. "On the first of November, the day before the second lockdown, reservation numbers rose dramatically (by 12.25 percent compared to 2019) - proof that restaurant lovers were enjoying another evening at their favorite Gourmet Temple and supporting local cuisine in the immediate vicinity," OpenTable said.

According to the survey, most respondents have not changed their attitude towards eating out despite renewed closures and restrictions. According to the survey, 76 percent would like to continue to enjoy a convivial time in the restaurant in the future and intend to go out to eat as often as before the first lockdown. It is particularly important to them that the restaurant takes the appropriate measures to ensure safety and hygiene (79 percent).

Communication of the hygiene measures

"In order to build trust with guests, clear communication of hygiene measures (69 percent), limiting the number of people in the restaurant (59 percent) and equipping staff with masks (57 percent) is fundamental," says OpenTable.

In addition, the majority (61 percent) have no plans to change their financial spending habits when eating out after the lockdown. "However, one-fifth are showing solidarity with the staff and want to tip more after the lockdown than before. The majority of guests (50 percent) are very keen to support businesses in their city to ensure that their favourite restaurants can continue to operate after the lockdown (88 percent)," it continues.
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