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Modular, attractive and individual

Concept My Greenery.
Concept My Greenery.

With a Beconic employee restaurant, medium-sized companies should increase their attractiveness on the job market. That's the idea. Under the new brand "Beconic", the SV Group, a gastronomy and hotel management group, has launched a concept that allows companies to tailor an employee restaurant to their needs.

Germany boss Jörg Rutschke told FOOD SERVICE: "We have recognized the need on the market for some time now and started developing the concept two years ago. Now it is ready and we are happy to launch it". The modular concept combines contemporary cuisine with the requirements of modern everyday working life. In this way Beconic creates an inspiring environment for employees to eat and refuel together, but also to work together.

Beconic is a brand of the SV Group, an innovative catering and hotel management group based in Dübendorf (CH). The company has around 8,400 employees and operates in the three business segments of community catering, public catering and hotels in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

A modular system

Thanks to the modular system, Beconic is more attractive in price than a conventional staff restaurant, especially for medium-sized companies. From five trendy architectural styles, the company selects the concept that matches its corporate identity and culture, as well as the modules for different zones such as "Restaurant Meet & Eat", "Café Relax", "Counter", "Lounge" and "Snack & Co-Work" that are tailored to its needs.


An attractive staff restaurant is still the calling card of a modern company and ensures motivated employees. With an employee restaurant from Beconic, companies in the "War for Talents" have clearly better cards in their hand.

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Three questions to Johannes Hamm, Sales Manager
FOOD SERVICE: Why such a concept right now?
Johannes Hamm: We know that it is becoming more and more difficult for many employers to attract new talents despite a great company culture, competitive salary and attractive additional benefits. With the highly attractive yet affordable employee catering concept Beconic, we offer companies a great opportunity to increase their attractiveness on the job market. At the same time, an employee restaurant based on the Beconic concept creates a space in which corporate culture and the corporate brand can be experienced.
The need for space efficiency is also met with Beconic. By using the free space also outside lunchtime, for example by merging the eating, working and meeting zones, companies benefit from an efficient cost-use ratio. With the well thought-out counter concept, we also offer a gastronomic solution that meets the need for security, especially in the "post-corona time".

Johannes Hamm.
SV Group

For which clients or companies is Beconic most suitable?
Johannes Hamm: The offer is primarily aimed at medium-sized companies for which it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right employees. Thanks to the modular structure, clients also have full concept, planning and cost security from day one.

Are there already first reference customers or at least for 2021?
Johannes Hamm: We have already held talks with various companies and are confident that we will be able to launch the first Beconic staff restaurant in 2021.