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Hype about bubble tea in Sesh

The run came as a surprise. After the operator of the Glattzentrum had promoted the sesh offer on TikTok, all 400 bubble teas were sold out in one day.
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The run came as a surprise. After the operator of the Glattzentrum had promoted the sesh offer on TikTok, all 400 bubble teas were sold out in one day.

Two super trends = one hype. Last week, the SV Group-owned restaurant Sesh in the Glatt shopping centre in Wallisellen near Zurich put bubble tea on the menu. A TikTok video of the Glatt operator triggered a run.

400 portions of bubble tea were sold in Sesh in one day. This means that the stock in the Bowl concept of the SV Group once used up. At Sesh, people are happy - and wait for supplies together with their guests.

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Ab dem 2.12. bei Sesh. Wer soll mit dir hin? #bubbletea #boba

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"Anyone who thinks they can ignore social media is sorely mistaken," concludes SV Switzerland press spokeswoman Manuela Stockmeyer from the latest sales hit. However, one must always use and meet the right channel and the appropriate address for the target group. Here, the short video platform TikTok was obviously the channel of choice for the bubble teas in Sesh.

The sweet drink trend comes from Taiwan and has now gained a foothold in Europe for the second time. Classically green and black tea are the basis, mixed with fruit syrup or - if desired - with milk. However, the bobas create a furore and the magic: small pearls made of tepioca, whose texture reminds a little bit of gummy bears. These basic ingredients make for an enormous variety of bubble teas. You can constantly reinvent them and mix them differently according to taste and preferences.

In Sesh, four varieties were chosen: Strawberry Matcha (9 SFR), Taro Boba (8 SFR), Caramel Boba (8 SFR) and a Minty Strawberry (7 SFR), which turned out to be the guests' favourite. The fact that SV Schweiz's bowl concept is well-positioned is shown, among other things, by 1st place at the Best of Swiss Gastro-Award in the International category.

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The SV Group, based in Dübendorf, is a gastronomy and hotel management group with the Business areas Community catering, public catering and hotel. Under the brand SV Restaurant the company operates more than 300 staff restaurants and refectories in Switzerland.
The company goes back to the non-profit organisation "Schweizer Verband Soldatenwohl" (Swiss Association for the Welfare of Soldiers) founded in 1914 by pioneer Else Züblin-Spiller. It operated soldiers' rooms and offered balanced and inexpensive catering there. The ideological values of the founding association are today carried on by the SV Foundation.

In the exclusive Top CH Ranking of foodservice the catering and community catering specialist SV Group Switzerland 3rd place with an esteemed gastronomic Net sales 2019 of 516 million Swiss francs (+ 0,6 %) in 319 establishments. The SV (Germany) occupied in exclusive gv-praxis ranking the Contract Caterer 2019 rank 7 with a Annual turnover of € 187.8 million (+2,8 %).