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Gastro association warns of further measures

Casimir Platzer, President of Gastro Suisse.
Gastro Suisse
Casimir Platzer, President of Gastro Suisse.

In Switzerland, too, the Corona figures are rising. Nevertheless, the Federal Council announced no new measures in a press conference on 24 November. Instead, the cantons are to take care of the pandemic policy. The Swiss association Gastro Suisse welcomes this and makes further demands.

No "further capacity-restricting measures" should be imposed on the hospitality industry, the association said in a statement. At the same time, Covid 19 tests should once again be free for all and the federal government should examine further aid measures. According to Gastro Suisse, the situation in the hospitality industry has become visibly worse since the certificate obligation (equivalent to the German 3G rule).

In the press conference, the Federal Council was still relying on the consistent implementation of basic measures such as keeping a distance, wearing a mask, ventilation and testing. Gastro Suisse welcomes this approach and supports the demand of the National Council's Commission for Social Security and Health that the federal government should once again assume the costs of Covid 19 testing for the certificate. "This would at least partially relieve the hospitality industry, which has already made enormous sacrifices," the association said.

"There should be no more capacity-restricting and hardly pandemically beneficial measures in our industry," says Casimir Platzer, president of GastroSuisse, adding, "A great many establishments would not be able to cope with that." The current measures would have less economic costs than closures or strict bans.

Decline in sales due to certificate rule

Hospitality businesses are affected to varying degrees by the certificate requirement. But already in October, more than 80 percent of the members of Gastro Suisse reported that they had suffered a drop in turnover due to the extension of the certificate obligation.

Just under half of these businesses reported a drop in turnover of over 30 percent. More than 75 percent of the establishments surveyed had already recorded an increase in cancellations of banquets in October. The majority of establishments were expecting negative to very negative holiday business. This now seems to be confirmed. The situation has once again worsened drastically. More and more Christmas dinners are being cancelled, the wave of cancellations continues to increase. Many businesses are dependent on further relief measures, according to the association.
About Gastro Suisse
Gastro Suisse is the association for the hotel and restaurant industry in Switzerland. The organisation, which was founded in 1891, promotes the interests of the industry. Gastrosuisse is the largest employers' association in the hospitality industry with around 20,000 member companies (including around 2,500 hotels), organised in 26 cantonal associations and four specialist groups.