Switzerland | Corona crisis

Majority of population votes for Corona certificate

The Covid certificate in digital form.
IMAGO / Geisser
The Covid certificate in digital form.

In Switzerland, citizens voted on 28 November on the government's Corona measures. The focus: the Corona certificate, which is controversial among the Swiss, which is roughly equivalent to the German 3G regulation. The citizens' decision was clear.

62 percent of voters voted in favor of the corresponding law, according to official figures. This creates the legal basis for the Covid 19 certificate. The certificate is given to people who have been proven vaccinated, recovered or tested. Since September 2021, it must be shown in restaurants, events or recreational facilities.

Within Switzerland, the certificate is quite controversial. For example, there have been repeated demonstrations against the Swiss government's Corona rules. The Swiss hospitality industry association Gastro Suisse reported that its members have seen a significant drop in sales since the introduction of the mandatory certificate.

Infection figures have also been rising steadily in Switzerland since around mid-October 2021. Nevertheless, the government still refuses to tighten the Corona measures on a national level. In doing so, it points to the still relatively low occupancy rate of intensive care beds with Covid 19 patients of 20 percent. Moreover, it is up to the cantons to adopt regionally adapted measures.