Tchibo Coffee Report

For Germans, Coffee is indispensable

Only family is more important than coffee.
Only family is more important than coffee.

Coffee is indispensable - that's what 52.9 percent of German coffee drinkers say in the representative survey (5,000 respondents) conducted by Tchibo together with brand eins and Statista for the Tchibo Coffee Report 2021.

For more than half of Germans, coffee is more indispensable (52.9%) than their smartphone (42.9%), car (36.3%) or sex (35.8%). However, the popular hot drink did not make it to first place. There, with 58.9 percent, is "family". The focus of the 100-page anniversary edition of the Coffee Report 2021 is "Cohesion".

Coffee is the Germans' favourite drink and remains the front-runner: 87.9 per cent drink it every day - on average 3.2 cups are drunk per day, or 166 litres per year and per capita. With 3.4 cups, men are ahead of women with 3.0 cups. The fully automatic machine is used most frequently for preparation, with 81 percent, provided it is available in the household.

The North holds the cup record: Schleswig-Holsteiners treat themselves to 3.6 cups on average, ahead of Lower Saxony with 3.5 cups and 3.4 cups in Hamburg. Bavarians bring up the rear with 2.8 cups per day.

Filter coffee is still the most popular beverage for both sexes nationwide: 48.5 percent drink it regularly. The differences are particularly large in the regular consumption of latte macchiato (women 24.0% vs. men 14.5%) and espresso (men 17.7% vs. women 14.1%). In the lockdown, coffee consumption changed - in quantity, location and type: coffee was most frequently drunk at home (96.3 % vs. 22.8 % in hotels or restaurants). Coffee-to-go, on the other hand, lost importance: 50.3 percent never drank it

(compared to 34.3 % before Lockdown).

Virtual coffee break: In Sweden, "fika", i.e. drinking coffee as a bonding activity at work, had long been known. In the pandemic with a lot of home office and lack of real meetings of colleagues in the office, it is now catching on as a digital variant in Germany. 36.9 percent of 18-35 year olds have already arranged to meet for a virtual coffee break one or more times (Compare: 16.6% among 36-55 year olds, 7.7% among 56-65 year olds). More than half of Germans look forward to meeting friends they haven't seen in a while for a coffee(54.3%) or inviting them for a coffee at home (51%) when the pandemic measures are relaxed.

30.3% use their own or a reusable cup. Reusable cup use is up 61.0 percent since 2018. Three years ago, that was just 18.9 percent.