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Industry giants' top growth markets

At 12.7% annual unit growth, China is McDonald's No. 1 growth market.
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At 12.7% annual unit growth, China is McDonald's No. 1 growth market.

The world’s biggest restaurant players continued their expansion efforts across the globe last year. Looking at the top five players by unit count – Subway, McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC and Burger King – Technomic's Global Foodservice Navigator gives an interesting glimpse into which countries are seeing the most growth.

KFC’s top two growth markets are Brazil and Argentina. While not highly penetrated yet, Latin America likely still presents a growth opportunity for KFC and potentially other chicken players as well.

India is the country with the most growth for both Starbucks and Burger King. The Seattle-based coffee chain opened its 200th location there just recently (on October 22).

China is the top growth market for McDonald’s and third-leading growth market for Starbucks—a signal of the incredible amount of potential for unit development for chains. McDonald’s grew nearly 13% to 3,383 units, and Starbucks grew 17% to reach 4,125 locations. Neither show signs of slowing down.

Asia is showing promise for Subway. Two of the chain’s top three growth markets globally are Thailand and South Korea.

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