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Restaurant visits trending flat

Consumers are currently averaging about three restaurant visits per week.
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Consumers are currently averaging about three restaurant visits per week.

U.S. consumers are slowly returning to foodservice, but average past-week claimed restaurant visits trend flat in recent weeks, report the researchers of Technomic. 

After bottoming out in April, average past-week, consumer-claimed visits in the United States gradually trended positive between May and August but have remained relatively flat since then. Consumers are now averaging about three restaurant visits per week.

Presently, the average number of visits per week is down about 14% from the 2020 peak of 3.44 visits per week im early March. Consumer visit behavior is mirroring the key economic indicators that Technomic tracks in the Economic Impact Navigator program, such as the unemployment rate and consumer spending, which are leveling out after positive surges in May following April lows.
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