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Rapid chain unit growth in China

By the end of 2020, KFC had over 7,100 units in China.
By the end of 2020, KFC had over 7,100 units in China.

For many in the restaurant industry, 2020 was a year of disruption, pivots, challenges and survival. Unit growth was not high atop last year’s key priorities (at least from about March onward). Nonetheless, some operators in China went all in on expansion, Technomic’s Global Foodservice Navigator reveals:

According to the researcher’s report, the following chains saw massive unit growth in the world’s most-populous market last year:


China’s dominant restaurant player found time for a respectable 9.7% unit growth in 2020, ending the year with more than 7,100 locations.


This hot pot chain grew a staggering 68.3% to surpass 1,200 units. That’s a laudable feat for any chain, let alone a full serve.


Not just a trendy beverage brand launching enormous quantities of LTOs each month, but a growth engine as well, Heytea’s 52.3percent unit growth took it to about 720 shops on the mainland.

More information on the performance of China’s top 25 chains along with consumer, menu and industry insights can be found in in Technomic’s new "2021 China Country Report".

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