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Ice cream stays on top

Ice Cream is the most popular dessert from restaurants and dining locations globally.
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Ice Cream is the most popular dessert from restaurants and dining locations globally.

Technomic's just-released Dessert Global Menu Category Report explores foodservice sales growth, consumer purchases and preferences, macro restaurant trends, dessert category trends, seasonal and holiday influence, and limited-time offers.

The report also uncovers operator initiatives as well as key global and local dessert chains, along with secondary competitors, such as Dairy Queen, McDonald's, Mixue Ice Cream & Tea, Mister Donut and Costa Coffee.
Most popular desserts
from restaurants and dining locations globally, based on consumer purchase
Ice Cream (66%)
Cake (57%)
Cheesecake (48%)
Donut/Doughnut (42%)

"Despite challenging market conditions, consumers are still eager to experience new products from restaurants, and dessert remains one of the key parts of the menu where operators can deliver on that demand," explains Aaron Jourden, director of international research and insights at Technomic. "Within this context, it's as important as ever for restaurant operators and their suppliers to understand which products, flavors and attributes consumers are looking for when making their purchase decision, as well as the primary trends and product innovations influencing menu development within the dessert category."
  • Key findings include:

    66% of consumers globally would purchase a dessert from a restaurant more often if there are new options they haven't tried before
  • 48% of consumers globally would order cheesecake—the third most-popular dessert on average in the world—from a restaurant
  • 48% of consumers in Indonesia like avocado as a flavor in their dessert at restaurants, making the fruit as popular as both strawberry and vanilla
  • 41% of consumers globally would like to see more vegan or dairy-free desserts on restaurant menus, including 56% of consumers in China
  • 63% of consumers globally would order a dessert from a restaurant more often if it was made onsite in the kitchen. That number is 82% in France, 55% in Germany, 59% in Russia, 79% in Spain and 56% in the U.K.
The report is a deliverable included in Technomic's Global Foodservice Navigator, which provides ongoing tools to keep at the forefront of evolving consumer, menu and operator trends on both a country and global level.
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