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Companies around the world have come up with bright ideas for dealing with Covid-19 challenges.
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Companies around the world have come up with bright ideas for dealing with Covid-19 challenges.

With countries all over the world entering another round of lockdowns, the researchers of Technomic have taken a look at how our industry creates and adapts to get through whatever comes its way. Here are recent hacks with lasting implications to inspire operators:

Wendy’s-First Kitchen makes the touchscreen touch-free 

In Japan, co-branded Wendy’s-First Kitchen is retrofitting its relatively new touchscreen kiosks with tech that allows guests to avoid actually touching the screens. Retrofitted terminals sense where the guests’ fingers are moving so they can still use the kiosks, but never have to touch them. 

McDonald’s adds space for teachers

In the Philippines, McDonald’s converted party rooms to spaces for virtual classes. As schools there currently operate virtually, there’s a need for space outside the home for teachers to do their vital work. McDonald’s McClassrooms offer quiet, dedicated space, and—crucially—free coffee and Wi-Fi.

Elior creates an office lunch solution for the pandemic era

In France, caterer Elior teamed with startup i-Lunch to create Tele-Restau, a platform that shifts the corporate cafeteria to an online space, allowing firms to continue to provide meals to homebound employees. The flexible delivery solution is a work-life enhancement that removes the daily need for employees to source a meal or make one and then do the dishes.
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