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Sustainability back in focus

This remodeled McDonald's restaurant in Orlando, Florida, is the company's first carbon-negative unit.
This remodeled McDonald's restaurant in Orlando, Florida, is the company's first carbon-negative unit.

Put on hold for a short while, suppliers and operators have restarted their sustainability initiatives in recent months as the health of the environment remains a key long-term priority across global markets. Technomic's global foodservice researchers share some recent highlights.


McDonald’s new eco-friendly flagship—which marks the brand’s No. 1,000 store in the country—features sustainable cutlery and packaging, 100% renewable energy, recycling for used kids meal toys, charging stations for electric vehicles and carbon-neutral delivery service


Thanks to sustainable technologies, the converted McDonald's store in the west of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is supposed to have a positive net energy balance - in other words, generate more energy than it consumes over the course of the year.

Middle East & North Africa: 

Starbucks rolled out strawless lids across its system in the region as part of its ongoing effort to reduce plastic use at its coffee shops. 


KFC is testing a compostable spork made of bamboo, corn and sugarcane that breaks down into biomass and takes 18 months to decompose. 

As operators return attention to sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, suppliers should promote products that help position their clients as industry leaders.

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