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Home kitchens inspire menu innovation

During lockdown, the South-Korean whipped coffee specialty Dalgona coffee went viral.
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During lockdown, the South-Korean whipped coffee specialty Dalgona coffee went viral.

Since lockdowns hit markets worldwide this past winter and spring, chains have been recreating viral foods and drinks made famous during home quarantines. Technomic’s Global Foodservice Navigator provides a few examples:

Dalgona coffee, a South Korean whipped coffee drink, made the biggest splash (and continues to) on TikTok, Youtube etc., but several other home kitchen-inspired recipes have landed on the menus of restaurant operators. Here’s a small sampling:

Burnt Cheesecake

Basque cheesecake is baked at high temperature and has a a firm, somewhat burnt outside while the center is soft. This type of cheesekake popped up as a food trend a few years ago, but at-home baking during lockdowns rekindled the popularity of this visually interesting treat. It continues to make its way onto chain menus. Starbucks has a Halloween variation on its menu in Singapore (third slide below).

Sushi Bakes

Cross a sushi roll with a casserole and this is what you might get. This trend started in home kitchens and made its way to countries in parts of Asia and beyond. It’s been especially popular in the Philippines. Local chainlet Ooma recently added a Ebi & Soft Shell Crab Tempura Aburi Bake to its menu there.

Tom & Jerry No-Bake Cheesecake

Popularized in Japan in late spring, this cartoonish dessert has huge visual appeal for social sharing. It’s not been observed on many chain menus yet but that might change soon. McDonald’s recently added a Jerry’s Cheesecake to its McCafe menu in Thailand.

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