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Younger guests not ready for robots

Gen Z consumers perfer human service over robots.
Gen Z consumers perfer human service over robots.

It seems the off-cited demand for technology among Gen Z consumers may be overstated, as Gen Z may not be as tech-obsessed as many have believed them to be.

When asked by Technomic's Ignite Consumer section whether use of robots is appealing at restaurants, more Gen Z consumers found the idea unappealing than appealing.

In fact, the appeal of robots in restaurant operations has diminished over time. Compared to a Technomic 2019 study, fewer Gen Zers cite the use of robots for taking orders and delivering food as appealing or very appealing. The changes noted are significant, with top-two box scores decreasing by 10 percentage points for appeal of “food delivered via robot to my home,” for example.

Gen Zers crave real human connection. And it may just be they can see themselves in the plight of the restaurant employee whose job opportunities may be lost to technology.

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