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Operators bet on chicken sandwiches

In the U.S., chicken sandwiches feature on menus in all segments.
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In the U.S., chicken sandwiches feature on menus in all segments.

Comfort has been a buzzword for the past few months, as operators continue to find ways to provide a sense of familiarity and solace in people’s homes. In some cases, this means they’re going back to the basics, which, in the U.S. means chicken sandwiches, say the researchers at Technomic.

Chicken sandwiches are the most common dish found at Technomic’s Top 500 chain restaurants, they are prominent on menus in all segments. 

How are operators making these basic offerings stand out to drive traffic? Some are menuing these items at a discount to attract value-seeking consumers. Others are using quality cues such as ‘signature’ or ‘housemade’ in their marketing to make their offerings seem more premium. IHOP, for example, took both approaches with its $5 Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich, featuring standard toppings plus its signature IHOP sauce. 

„57.8% of Technomic’s Top 500 operators have chicken sandwiches on their menu “
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Whatever the approach, operators need to understand both their consumer (i.e., their needs and preferences, etc.) and the environment (and how it’s changing). Betting on menu staples such as chicken sandwiches is sounder at this time, as operators look to core offerings and safer LTOs and consumers opt for comfort fare amid the pandemic.
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