Top 100 Analysis

12 Learnings for 2021 - and beyond

Gretel Weiß at the presentation of the current Top 100 in Hamburg in March 2021.
Hamburg Messe und Congress / Michael Zapf
Gretel Weiß at the presentation of the current Top 100 in Hamburg in March 2021.

Gretel Weiß, publisher of foodservice, annually compiles the Top 100 ranking of the top-selling gastro players/brands in Germany. Her 12 key learnings for 2021 and beyond.

1. Pandemic

Covid-19 restrictions have defined and dominated 2020. More than 110 days of lockdown for the restaurant industry. But takeaway (including drive thrus) and delivery were allowed to continue business throught the various lockdown periods. They were heavily used.

2. Burgers & pizza

The two billion-dollar best-sellers in the restaurant industry were relative winners. They are 'born' gastro products with further growth potential. Maximum protein-variability - i.e. animal, vegetarian or even vegan.

3. Culinary arts

Preferences are extremely stable, even under exceptional conditions. The more dynamic the living conditions, the lower the demand for innovative products. But it is important to make food travelable.

4. Sustainability

Better care for the environment and nature is becoming a major task. Ecology in disposable and reusable packaging is absolutely imperative for our future. Start-ups are particularly welcome in this sector.

5. Sales

Private demand is recovering faster than business demand. After the experience of renunciation, now consciously more and higher quality consumption at restaurants. Ravenous appetite for F&B at "emotional fuel stations".

6. Traffic hubs

Travel hubs were the big loser in 2020. Change from top to flop. The sooner private mobility comes back with public transportation, the better.

7. Distribution channels

New spatial reach thinking brings takeaway and delivery into focus for the overall industry. Delivery service with own logistics network may be classified as gamechanger.

8. Real estate market

Poster shifts. Classic prime locations in the heart of major cities are being put into perspective. New attention for city district locations. Outdoor capacities will be an absolute must in the future.

9. Leadership

A good corporate culture is very valuable in crises. This applies to corporations as well as medium-sized businesses. Culture is the only competitive advantage that cannot be copied. Bosses should be close to people.

10. Progress

We live and work more and more digitally. There's a need to preserve what is valuable and pave the way for what is new. Important skills: flexibility, innovation and adaptability.

11. Values

Cafés, restaurants and pubs are system-relevant for the joie de vivre in a country. Gastronomy is the public living room of society.

12. Quality & pricing

The year 2020 will bring a new consumer view on quality and prices. This may be seen as a great opportunity for the restaurant industry.