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Germany's big ranking of self-catering companies


Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW, Audi and Siemens top the new ranking. The 35 in-house caterers surveyed achieved a 43.4 percent drop in sales in the Corona year (top 10: -41.5 %). The biggest drops are in event/guest catering (-62.0%) and main catering (-43.5%).

The fact is that all 35 company representatives surveyed slipped into red numbers with their restaurant services in 649 operating units - and by double digits, in terms of percentages. The range extends from 17.8 (UMG) to 69.4 percent (Heidelberg Catering Services). In terms of sales, this translates into losses of EUR 348.6 million (-43.4 %). The revenue losses vary from one million (LVM) to 43.3 million euros (Daimler).

Germany's biggest companies with their own buiness catering

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Focus: Supplying employees well

With remote work rates of up to 70 percent, almost all companies surveyed lacked the basis for a halfway normal catering business. The year was marked by many imponderables that repeatedly demanded new management decisions. Starting with the legal framework, which in many cases acted like a patchwork quilt due to our federalist structure and caused confusion. Often, lower sales were also created by companies pushing free food.

The top 10 self-caterers with their 458 operating units account for 71.7 percent (previous year: 69 %) of the total turnover of the 35 owner-operators. Led by the carmaker quartet Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW and Audi, the ten companies lose 231.4 million euros in net sales and 23 million guests (excluding DB) in one year only at lunchtime. The range of sales losses extends from -32.3 percent (VW) to -53.3 percent (Bayer). Makes a total revenue loss of 41.5 percent.

Snacking on the rise

If lunch business was the main sales driver so far , it remains so in the Corona year. But there is significant growth in snacking  to 26.3%. Here there has also been a shift in demand and therefore also in turnover due to restricted opening hours and sales opportunities, the closure of many company restaurants or a take-away offer. But there are also other plus figures: On average, the average receipt increased from €4.27 to €4.40 (+13 cents) last year. That is a plus of 3.0 percent. The front-runner in terms of average receipt is PACE, the Springer Group's gastronomy subsidiary, with €7.48 - not a bad trend for the new start.
Subscribers only: The big ranking of companies that do their own business catering, complete with commentary and analysis (in German).  Read now!