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Fullservice haggles in corona year

At Peter Pane, service staff become delivery drivers. As one of the few concepts so without turnover loss in 2020.
Peter Pane
At Peter Pane, service staff become delivery drivers. As one of the few concepts so without turnover loss in 2020.

At the first digital foodservice forum on 15 March, Gretel Weiß presented the top 100 of the German professional gastronomy in an inspiring lecture. The complete turnover ranking will appear in the April issue of foodservice. We whet your appetite in advance with a sneak preview: the top 5 in the full-service segment.

The segment suffered heavy losses in the pandemic year of 2020: With the sole exception of Peter Pane, all of the full-service players in the ranking bring in double-digit minuses. Peter Pane owes its stagnation - which this year can be seen as a success - in part to its rapid conversion to Delivery. Already in spring 2020, the parent company Paniceus established its own delivery service "Peter bringt's".

Even among the top 5, it is evident that in the pandemic, to-go and delivery-ready products combined with in-house efforts are paying off to keep the sales shortfall low. L'Osteria, for example, with pizza as its main product and now its own delivery fleet, as well as Hans im Glück as a better-burger concept, with minus 22.9 percent and minus 18.4 percent respectively, recorded a significantly lower drop in sales than the average of the top 100 gastronomy companies of -29.8 percent.

In contrast, it was a different story for Block Group and Enchilada, whose revenue losses of minus 41.8 percent and 34.5 percent, respectively, were greater than the Top 100 average. Mainly a matter of concept categories and locations.

Top 5 aus Top 100: Fullservice

Quelle: foodservice Top 100
R19CompanySales '20 (m €)zu '19Units '20
217Hans im Glück 114,3-18,4%82
318Block Gruppe 103,0-41,8%65
424Enchilada 83,2-34,5%89
535Peter Pane 63,00,0%42

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Overall, full-service restaurant is a relatively small category in the Top 100, with segment revenues of just under €800 million. This is in stark contrast to the German out-of-home market as a whole, where full-service restaurants account for the bulk of sales. In contrast, there are only 13 companies in the top 100, led by L'Osteria, Hans im Glück and Block - with the main product ranges of pizza, burgers and steaks. The group minus is just under 37 percent (previous year: +7.8 %). Across the market as a whole, the benchmark is -50 percent.
About the Top 100
At ranking of the 100 largest restaurateurs in Germany (Top 100) is an exclusive survey of the trade magazine foodservice (dfv Mediengruppe, Frankfurt am Main). Core results for the pandemic year 2020: 29.8 percent decrease in turnover in the Top 100.
The Top 100 survey includes, among other things net food sales directly at the interface to the guest and the and the number of units. The values are based on voluntary information provided by the companies or well-founded estimates. The exclusive analysis comprises - including the follow-up list - more than 20,300 businesses with more than 10.7 billion euros in net sales.