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Quickservice holds up best through the crisis

Domino's takes a big step up in the top 100.
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Domino's takes a big step up in the top 100.

At the first digital foodservice forum on March 15, Gretel Weiß gave an inspiring presentation on the top 100 German professional restaurants. The complete sales ranking will appear in the April issue of foodservice. We are already whetting your appetite and showing the top 5 of the quick service segment.

The quickservice segment dominated the revenue rankings even in times before the Corona pandemic and government-imposed restaurant closures. During these constraints, the business model of many quickservice players is proving better able to get through the crisis. To-go is more prevalent in person and in part thanks to drive-thru, Delivery was at least in the starting blocks in many companies before Corona and could be expanded. Logical consequence: the quickservice players increase their share of total sales of the Top 100 to 63 percent (previous year: 55 %).

Accordingly, the Corona sales dip for the Quickservice segment is smaller than for other players in the Top 100: While the entire Top 100 posted a sales decline of 29.8 percent in 2020, Quickservicerecorded a decline of 18.8 percen

Top 5 aus Top 100: Quickservice

Quelle: foodservice Top 100 Ranking
R19CompanySales '20 (m €)zu '19
11McDonald's Deutschland LLC, München3.150,0*-14,3%
22Burger King Deutschland GmbH, Hannover860,0*-12,7%
34Domino's Pizza Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg29023,4%
45Yum! Restaurants International Ltd. & Co. KG, Ratingen285,7-13,5%
58Subway GmbH, Köln230,0*-13,9%

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Delivery specialists make gains

Domino's is actually among the top 5 Quickservice players, one of the few revenue gainers in the overall Top 100 ranking, with a 23.4 percent increase in revenue over 2019. Others include Call a Pizza, Smiley's, Burgerme and Freddy Fresh, all Quickservice concepts with a focus on delivery and their own delivery infrastructure.

Quickservice is the only segment with better development numbers than the Top 100 average. The mass bestsellers burgers and pizza as well as the sales channels to-go and delivery are special features and pushing factors at the same time.

Generally speaking, even during and after Corona, everything in the quick service category focuses on the optimal interaction of the various functions of our everyday lives. A lot of food, a lot of billions are located in the transition zone from retail to gastronomy. In business terms, large volumes make quick-service restaurants profitable - not high prices! Loyalty programs are part of marketing 101.