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Before corona: 2019 was THAT good

2019 was another very successful year for the American food service players.
2019 was another very successful year for the American food service players.

With a sales increase of 4.2%, America's top-selling food service chains reached a five-year high in 2019. Above all the very big players drove growth. While Quick Service holds the largest share of sales with 62.3%, the Fast Casual segment recorded the highest growth with 7.4%.

Big Players extend their lead

It was an excellent year for the US foodservice industry - especially for the 20 leading chains. According to the market research company Technomic, they account for three quarters of the sales volume of the top 500 foodservice players and made a significant contribution to overall growth with an increase of 5.7% (rest: 2.4%).

For example, market leader McDonald's was able to break the 40 billion dollar barrier for the first time (System Sales). Burger King achieved U.S. system sales of $10 billion for the first time. At the same time, this development also means that the gap between the biggest players and medium-sized chains is widening.

Strong year for Chicken

Chick-fil-A alone achieved a sales increase of 1.3 billion US dollars in 2019 (+13% to a total of 11.32 billion dollars), securing third place in Technomic's US ranking for the first time. The fact that chicken is very popular with American consumers is also underlined by the success of other suppliers. Popeye's, for example, was able to increase its U.S. system sales by 18.3% (Same Store Sales: +10.2%) - not least thanks to an extremely successful social media campaign for its Chicken Sandwich. Raising Cane's recorded a sales increase of 23.8%, Wingstop 17.9%.

Hardly any expansion

However, both large and small market players remained hesitant about expanding their branch networks. The unit growth of the top 500 players was a meagre 0.4% (2018: 0.7%).

Editor's note: This Top 50 ranking is based on the Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report 2020 by U.S. market research company Technomic. The data is representative for the 2019 calendar year, no adjustments were made due to the corona crisis. Thus, the successes and overall impressions of the year remain valid for future considerations and comparisons.

Top USA Ranking 2019

Quelle: Technomic Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report
R.(R.)Chain nameSales in $ bn vs. 2018
44Taco Bell11.299,0%
56Burger King10.202,7%

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