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Starting signal for Frankfurt am Main

Uber Eats now also delivers in Frankfurt: At the start, around 100 restaurants in the Main metropolis are connected to the service.
Uber Eats | Frank Rumpenhorst
Uber Eats now also delivers in Frankfurt: At the start, around 100 restaurants in the Main metropolis are connected to the service.

After the launch of Uber Eats in Berlin, the food delivery platform is now coming to Frankfurt am Main. Users can now have meals delivered to their home, office or even park with the help of the Uber and Uber Eats app. At the start, around 100 restaurants in the Main metropolis are cooperating with Uber Eats.

In Berlin, Uber Eats has already made its mark: Since the launch of the delivery platform in May 2021, over 700 new restaurants have been linked to the Uber Eats platform and the delivery area has been expanded to 1.2 million people in the capital, it says. The company is now looking to build on this success in Frankfurt am Main.

The delivery service on the Main offers a wide range of food with selected restaurants. The portfolio includes different gastro concepts, such as Frankfurt's traditional apple wine restaurant"Dauth Schneider", burger shops like"Fit Kitchen" and fast food companies like"Nordsee".

"Frankfurt has an appetite for Uber. Last year alone, there were almost 45,000 attempts to use our Uber Eats app in the Main metropolis," said an Uber spokesperson. "That's why we are very excited to bring Uber Eats to Frankfurt after the successful launch in Berlin. Together with restaurants, delivery partners and couriers, we want to gradually expand our service to offer Frankfurt a new gastronomic experience."

How Uber Eats works

The focus is on the app's intuitive user interface. Users can be inspired by what's on offer or search directly for a specific restaurant, dish or cuisine. Food orders are available not only in the Uber Eats app but also in the Uber app.

users select their favorite dishes through the app. The technology behind the scenes connects restaurants with couriers and customers. Uber Eats uses local delivery companies and their couriers, who are employed on social security, to ensure that the food arrives at the user's door on time and reliably.

This is ensured at the start by more than 50 couriers, who are usually on the road with bicycles or e-bikes. Within the app, the customer can see exactly how far the preparation process has progressed and where the courier is currently located. Some restaurants also deliver with their own staff.

Under 30 minutes

The average delivery time from order to customer is less than 30 minutes worldwide. This should also be achieved as quickly as possible in Frankfurt. Payment is cashless in the app, for example by credit card, Apple Pay or PayPal. The courier can also be given a tip, which is paid out to him by his employer without deductions.

Uber attaches great importance to the safety of its users and the couriers of its delivery partners. That's why customers can select the"Leave at door" option at the virtual checkout every time they place an order and thus have their food delivered contactlessly. This is to prevent unnecessary contacts in times of pandemic.
About Uber Eats:
Global food delivery service Uber Eats connects restaurants, consumers and couriers on two wheels so that ordered food arrives in the shortest possible time. Uber Eats is currently available in more than 6000 cities in 45 countries worldwide.