USA: No. 1 with US$39 m

Carmine's is the restaurant with highest turnover in 2019

Carmine's on Time Square in New York: Highest turnover restaurant in the USA.
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Carmine's on Time Square in New York: Highest turnover restaurant in the USA.

The restaurant with the highest turnover in the USA brings 39 million US dollars in revenues to the scales. It is called Carmine's, is located on New York's Times Square and has served more than 450,000 meals in 2019. In the ranking of the "Top 100 Independents" of the trade magazine Restaurant Business, it is ahead of The Boathouse in Orlando and the Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington.

In the pre-Corona year 2019, the 100 top-selling individual restaurants in the USA brought a total of almost USD1.8 bn into their cashiers. Economic background: extreme shortage of employees, growing competition and record revenues.

USA: Independent restaurants with highest turnover 2019

Quelle: Restaurant Business Online, Ranking "Top 100 Independents"
RRestaurant/CityTurnover (US$ m)Average Check
2The Boarthouse/Orlando$35.218$43
3Old Ebbitt Grill/Washington$29.104$33
5Bryant Park Grill/NYC$26.900$62
6Gibsons Bar/Chicago$25.409$80
7Top of the World/Las Vegas$25.233$103
8Maple & Ash/Chicago$24.837$99
10Smith & Wollensky/NYC$24.501$107
11Angus Barn/Raleigh$24.268$75
12Prime 112/Miami Beach$23.800$135

High average checks with steaks and seafood

Of the 100 restaurants with annual sales of between US$39.0 m and 11.3 m, 21 are located in New York City, 15 in Chicago, 11 in Las Vegas and 9 in Washington. These four cities lead by far in terms of business dinners and tourist appeal.

And another thing: 17 of the 100 report average receipts of $100 and more. Typically, steak houses and seafood restaurants bring such high receipts for food & beverages (wine!). This ranking will look very different for the 2020 business year, that's for sure.