New app and new store

Valora's Brezelkönig brand has launched a new app.
Valora Group
Valora's Brezelkönig brand has launched a new app.

Valora continues to expand its range of digital convenience solutions. Brezelkönig customers can now reward themselves for their loyalty thanks to the Brezelkönig app. And at the Avec Store in Dällikon ZH, customers can now shop autonomously at night. This is made possible by the avec app, which Valora is already using in the Avec Box and, more recently, in the Avec Mini vending machine.

Valora is further expanding its range of digital convenience solutions in Switzerland with the Brezelkönig app. Since 2015, the Caffè Spettacolo app has allowed coffee fans to pre-order their coffee, and now other products, at a point of sale of their choice, pay for them and collect them at a specified time. Then, in March 2017, Valora launched its first digital loyalty programme, the k kiosk app.

And this is how the new app works: anyone who registers on the new Pretzel King app receives a welcome gift, 5 crowns and the right to call themselves a Pretzel Knight. For every purchase you make, you will receive another crown. If you collect 10 crowns, you are a Pretzel Prince and if you collect 30 crowns, you are crowned Pretzel King (=Brezelkönig).

For every 10 crowns collected, you will receive a free product. The higher the status, the more valuable the gift: Pretzel Knights receive a pretzel original, Pretzel Princesses a pretzel with topping and Pretzel Kings a product of their choice. From the status of Pretzel Prince*ess, you also always benefit from a free XL coffee upgrade. On your birthday, you will receive a free pretzel, regardless of your status.

The crowns can be collected in all Brezelkönig sales outlets. The product vouchers are stored in the personal customer card on the app and can be redeemed again. In addition to this loyalty component, the app includes the entire product overview of the Valora food service format and a store finder. The Brezelkönig app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Autonomous shopping

Based on the Avec app, access, purchase and payment have been made in the cashierless Avec Box since April 2019. Since the end of January 2021, this form of autonomous shopping through self-checkout is also possible in the Avec 24/7 store on Zurich's Hardplatz. While staff will continue to be present in the convenience store during the day from Monday to Saturday, the store will switch to autonomous operation at night and on Sunday. From Wednesday, June 2, 2021, Valora will also be using this hybrid solution at the Avec petrol station shop in Dällikon ZH, where autonomous shopping will then be possible at night using the Avec app.

Vending machine for fresh produce

The Avec Mini has also been available since mid-May 2021. The vending machine, which measures around two square metres and is designed for indoor areas in offices, housing estates, hospitals and hotels, offers a wide range of drinks, fresh sandwiches, salads, snacks and non-food items. The first Avec Mini is located in a private office building in Zurich-Altstetten and will provide insights into possible further locations. Here too, the Avec app serves as a personal key for autonomous shopping.