Vapiano is now open again

The Taste of Coming Home – Vapiano is now open again with 150 restaurants in 28 countries.
The Taste of Coming Home – Vapiano is now open again with 150 restaurants in 28 countries.

"All we do we do with love" – this is the motto of the new investor group around Mario C. Bauer that took over Vapiano in June, and also the main message for the re-launch campaign of all Vapiano restaurants worldwide: With "The Taste of Coming Home" campaign, Vapiano is inviting all pasta lovers and fans of Mediterranean cuisine back to its restaurants, and at the same time taking a giant leap towards returning to the original values.

Vapiano is now open again with 150 restaurants in 28 countries. "The Taste of Coming Home" campaign will be rolled out throughout all Vapiano countries. With the claim "Our fresh pasta is waiting for you", the popular fast-casual concept underlines its natural core competence for Italian pasta and that the restaurants are the ultimate "Home of Pasta".

Vapiano also stays true to its iconic promise of transparency and authenticity with its pasta manufacture: guests can watch the Vapianisti preparing various pasta dishes in the restaurant, just like in the kitchen with friends – and of course following all pertinent hygiene measures mandated in the course of the COVID-19 crisis.

Original Vapiano values

Mario C. Bauer, co-shareholder and CEO of the newly formed Vapiano Group, commented the fresh start of the brand: "We are very excited to herald a new era of Vapiano with our emotional campaign "The Taste of Coming Home". After an involuntary period of closure, we can’t wait to finally open 150 of our restaurants again and invite all fans of genuine Italian taste back into our restaurants. Within the next 8 weeks we will re-open another 20 Vapianos. This fresh start will allow us to demonstrate to our guests how we are bringing back the original Vapiano values: heartfelt hospitality, top-notch product quality and perfect frontline cooking can finally once again be experienced live at many Vapianos all around the world."

Monika Czyz, the new COO of Vapiano Group, added: "Vapiano is the place to be when it comes to enjoying a freshly cooked dish of homemade pasta. For all lovers of Mediterranean food and lifestyle a visit to a Vapiano restaurant truly feels like coming home."

The Love & Food Restaurant Holding s.r.o. was set up by a hand-picked group of successful European restaurateurs and hoteliers to take over the Vapiano business: Henry McGovern, co-founder and former long-time CEO of the AmRest group of restaurants; Sinclair Beecham, co-founder of Pret a Manger; Vincent van der Valk, leading Dutch hotelier and exclusive Vapiano area developer for the Netherlands and Belgium; Gregor Gerlach, Vapiano co-founder and owner of the Seaside Hotel Group; as well as Mario C. Bauer, former Board Member of Vapiano and serial entrepreneur.

Between them all shareholders have unique track records in the hospitality industry and have made it their mission to lead Vapiano back to its rightful place among the top European fast-casual dining concepts.
About Vapiano:
Founded in Hamburg in 2002, Vapiano was one of the few German gastronomy concepts to accomplish worldwide growth and success. At its peak Vapiano operated more than 230 restaurants around the globe, partly as corporate stores and partly owned by franchisees.