Wisag Catering

For more animal welfare


Under the motto "Gutes vom Huhn" (good things from chicken), the catering company Wisag brings tasty dishes with German FairMast chicken to the table to convince its guests and customers of the sustainable enjoyment of meat.

Since the end of 2019, the company has been supporting the European Broiler Chicken Initiative, which campaigns for better housing conditions. "With the action weeks in the catering establishments we operate, we now want to promote the awareness of our guests and customers for more animal welfare and their own possibilities of influence," says Nicole Müller, food buyer at Wisag Catering and member of the company's internal group "Ökofoodprint experts". A separate group of experts deals with questions of environmental protection and resource conservation in community catering, makes recommendations for action to the individual catering companies and supports them in the introduction and implementation of ecological measures and concepts.

Enjoyment with a clear conscience

As part of the nationwide animal welfare campaign, guests can look forward to newly developed dishes - including fruity apricot chicken, a chicken bowl with goat's cheese hearts and crunchy salad, or chicken wings with pomegranate marinade. The caterer plans to continue offering the dishes beyond the promotional period in many establishments, and is already working on other campaigns to further develop responsible and greener consumption in community dining.

"Buying more sustainably is one thing, the crucial next step is to get our guests excited about this topic as well. Only together with them - and of course also with the suppliers - can we make community catering more sustainable step by step," Nicole Müller is certain.

A more animal-friendly poultry farming

The supplier of the FairMast chickens selected by the Ökofoodprint experts, which come from a more species-appropriate poultry rearing system, works in accordance with the criteria of the European Broiler Chicken Initiative as well as the specifications for more animal welfare of the German Animal Welfare Association - more space, slower growth and more animal-friendly barns with outdoor access.
Criteria of the European Broiler Chicken Initiative
  • Compliance with criteria of all EU animal welfare laws and regulations, regardless of the country of production.
  • Maximum stocking density of 30 kg/sq m. Pre-gripping should be avoided and may be carried out no more than once per fattening run
  • Use of breeds that meet enhanced welfare criteria and therefore meet the criteria of the "RSPCA Broiler Breed Welfare Assessment Protocol".
  • Minimum light levels of 50 lux, including daylight.
  • Use of controlled atmosphere stunning using inert gases or multi-stage systems or effective electrical stunning with no head overhangs
  • Demonstrate compliance with the above standards through independent third party audits and annual public reporting of progress against this commitment.
More information can be found on the initiative's website.