You are what you wear – in restaurants as well

Denim look: The chef jackets from Engelbert Strauss combine functionality with chic.
Engelbert Strauss / Tim Thiel
Denim look: The chef jackets from Engelbert Strauss combine functionality with chic.

Appearance, wearing comfort and more and more also sustainability determine the choice of professional outfits. The double effect should not be underestimated: as a signal to the guests as well as an appreciation for the employees.

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The first impression is decisive, this applies to the ambience of an establishment, but also to the outfit of the employees. After all, they make the difference, also to the competition. That's why more and more companies in the catering industry are paying special attention to the professional attire of their employees.

For example, the caterer Bonvita has developed a completely new "look-and-feel" concept in the approximately one hundred Bonvita company restaurants - from new work clothes to room design. "We don't say canteen, we say restaurant, that's important to us", Sandra Echsle, member of the Bonvita management emphasizes the own claim and thus the brand message. Therefore, the new staff clothing should signal a modern, fresh appearance. The choice, made with the involvement of the team, ultimately fell on a grey chef's jacket.

The example of Bonvita shows: Gastronomy companies can not only put their own stamp on chef jackets and thus strengthen the sense of belonging among employees. Workwear must fit the company and the team, be individual, fashionable and modern, and have a certain appeal. All factors for a high level of acceptance among employees. Because only those who feel good can perform well.

Therefore, be careful with designs that are too fancy. They don't suit every type and can quickly seem outdated. Traditional white remains a classic for chefs. However, the current trend towards black chef's jackets is striking - as a counter-design, so to speak, to the traditional chef's craft, whether in front cooking or event catering. Keyword appearance: The way the outfit looks, the guest trusts the team backstage with the same professionalism.

Thus, corporate fashion supports the corporate identity as an essential part. This plays an increasing role in companies of all sizes. Because undisputedly, clothing visualizes the image of a brand as well and supports the staff in their work, whether in the kitchen, front cooking or service. In addition, coordinated clothing can strengthen the employees' sense of belonging, motivate them and, a big plus, also set them apart from the competition. Ideally, it combines the useful with the pleasant; functionality and chic are inseparable today.

At the leading workwear supplier Engelbert Strauss in Biebergemünd near Fulda, the kitchen team also wears a model series from the company's own collection. The caterer is Kürschner Eventcatering GmbH in Biebergemünd-Wirtheim. Jerome Bildstein, head chef at "Cucina del Campo", as the staff restaurant is called here, puts it in a nutshell: "At Engelbert Strauss, of course, it's not just pizza, pasta and the like that are homemade - we wear our own restaurant clothing. The special thing about this is that the designers involve us in the development process. The result is maximum freedom of movement in the unmistakable Strauss look."